Saturday, June 06, 2009

Even Though You're A Minority, You Should Still Be Able To Force Your Delusions On Everybody Else

Does America really need a lesson in spirituality from Newt Gingrinch? A guy who changes religions almost as much as he changes spouses? In his bid for the 2012 nomination of the GOP, Newt states that "Americans" are surrounded by Paganism. Uh, wouldn't that mean that Christians are outnumbered by Pagans? If they were, you can bet dollars to Gingrinch wives that he'd be pandering to them. I mean, if Newt were an Ancient Roman, you can be sure he'd be first in line to nail Jesus to the cross.
The truth is that Newt is a free market capitalist who worships the Almighty Dollar. His political pandering to the paranoid base plays right into their persecution complex. The cynical sermonizing he serves to psychotic sky worshippers is just there to sell the schedule for his selection as the supplicant office seeker. And they suck it up like a swarm of mosquitoes on a summer night. Why? Because, as George Carlin once said, if you can get people to believe in an invisible guy in the sky, you can get them to believe anything, whether it's a band of swarthy Middle Eastern Mohammedans moving microorganisms through Mexican tunnels to the majority of monotheists being maltreated by a minority of heathens.
All this overly alarmist admitted adulterer is accomplishing is winning the wing nut wack jobs still clinging to the side of the capsized Republican party. This is not inclusion, it is exclusion, which is a good thing, because as lame as the Democrats seem to be, there's nothing lamer than converting to Catholicism to capture votes.


Dusty said...

What really burns my ass is how the ignorant flock to idiots like Newtie. He spews his fuckery and they all nod in agreement. Hypocritical bastards.

Tom Harper said...

According to rightwad "logic," Newt Gingrich is absolutely right. If Pagans make up 1% of the population, then by God those beleaguered 99% Christians are indeed "surrounded by Pagans."

It's the same "reasoning" they use with our economic system. Our system is capitalist, by any possible yardstick. But insert just a tiny bit of regulation or protection for consumers, and, Presto! -- our system is now Communist! Socialist!