Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bull's Eye On Bull Shit

John McCain cites the death of Neda as a criticism of the Obama administration's handling of the situation in Iran. This is, of course, from the guy famous for singing "Bomb Iran" to an old Regents song, which, if we had done that, would have likely killed a lot more Neda's than the one allegedly shot by government forces during protests this past weekend.
What you won't hear a thing about from Flak Jacket Johnny is how US forces killed two protesters in Iraq.(They were demanding back wages that likely ended up in Dick Cheney's bank account.) In fact, the US has been killing protesters in Iraq and John McCain has stood silent, even supporting the war.
No, McCain doesn't mind US soldiers killing protesters in Iraq because it's all in the name of spreading democracy, or, the US equivalent. Killing protesters in Iran is one less person who gets to die at the barrel of an M-16 (or under the fallout of a depleted uranium bunker buster bomb) therefore they are not collateral damage to the cause of a neocon wetdream: worldwide capitalist corpocracy masquerading as democracy.


Tom Harper said...

McCain lost. It's time for him to get over it.

Snave said...

What Tom said.

I think that when it comes to politics, Johnny is a paper tiger. He likes to talk tough, but he is actually rather weak and ineffectual.

libhom said...

Good point about "Keating Five" McCain's hypocrisy.