Saturday, June 13, 2009

By His Own Rules Means He Doesn't Follow The Law

In a new book on Donald Rumsfeld, the author claims that George Bush deceived him into thinking that his job as Secretary of Defense was safe, then dumped him after the 2006 midterm elections. Which only goes to show that these snakes can't even trust their own kind to be honest.
The book, entitled By His Own Rules:The Story of Donald Rumsfeld, an aptly named tome for a book about a man who flouted laws, ethics and decency to make himself richer and more powerful, is by a former Washington Post reporter who covered the Pentagon. It's intentions, I'm sure, are to garner sympathy for Poor Old Rumsfeld, whom the book portrays as ..."an honorable man, deeply patriotic, a good friend to many and unfailingly loyal to those he has served"... Honorable? Yeah right. This is a man who called in political markers to fast track FDA approval of the killer known as aspartame, a dangerous artificial sweetener whose numerous symptoms include death. Not to mention the fact that he pushed for the illegal invasion of Iraq, which has cost many Iraqis their lives and US taxpayers over half a trillion dollars. There's your honor, if you can find it.
It's not a shock that this book comes from a member of the corporate media elite. Their job is not to report on events, but rather, to mythologize and cover up for the cabal of corporate criminal elites and banksters that actually run the country. I've become convinced (and become more convinced everyday) that very few of the nations wealthiest people came about their wealth honestly, fairly or ethically, and they hire scribes like Bradley Graham to paint a more flattering picture of themselves so that the masses don't see what kind of monsters we really have running the show.


Agi said...

Yep, they are re-imagining the narrative. Usually this stuff happens a lot later. I guess the shit Rumsfeld pulled was so heinous that the Winston Smiths of the world needed extra time to revise it in the official history.

Snave said...

I think this kind of garbage is coming out sooner because the GOP is desperate and wants to take back a bunch of House and Senate seats in 2010. This is all about repairing the Bush-Cheney image.

Why aren't there a slug of tell-all books out there right now about the Bush administration? I figured there would be all kinds of those, containing all sorts of revelations about wrongdoings by Bush and his buddies.

Instead, crap like this is on the market. And utter bullshit like Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny: a Conservative Manifesto" is #1 on's bestseller list right now. Glenn Beck's "Common Sense" is #3. The #21 book is "Renegade", a book supposedly neither derogatory or complimentary about Obama. But then Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" is #30 and Bill O'Reilly's "Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity" is #33.

I think this is very, very sad. There need to more books with a leftist angle out there, written to appeal to a broad range of readers... Instead, the left once again sits back and lets the creepazoids take the lead.

Tom Harper said...

I think books like this are just preaching to the choir. There are lots of books like this, including some really great hard-hitting reports by liberal authors. But I think the people who buy and read these books, Left or Right, are buying the book because they expect to agree with it, and it'll just reinforce what they already believe.