Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Should Be Over

They say that a country gets the leaders it deserves, and if John McCain wins the election in November, it will because of a bunch of moronic Hillary supporters who will be protesting outside the Democratic convention. Having participated in protests in the past, I will unequivocally state they are an exercise in futility, unless, of course, you have the world's news media at your disposal looking to embarrass that arugula chewing, martini sipping, non-bowling elitist by any method available. The corporate media may have shown a bias (DUH), but it seemed to be against the Democratic front runner, not just Hillary.
These people are so Clintonatonic that they'd rather not vote and have McCain win than put someone more in touch with their mental faculties in the White House. My advice to them? Build a Goddamned bridge and get the fuck over it! Primary season is long over, your candidate has thrown her support behind the presumptive nominee, pissing and moaning about it isn't going to change a thing.
This election is still the Democrats to lose. However, I won't support a party full of people who seem more intent on fulfilling their own electoral fantasies than doing what's right for the country. That's why I'm voting for Cynthia McKinney.

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Snave said...

Is it because these folks think Obama is too far to the left? Is it because they wanted a centrist as the Democratic candidate?

Why would Hillary's supporters vote for John McCain? I for one cannot believe that Hillary Clinton is so centrist that she is similar to McCain on the issues. John McCain has voted with Bush 95% of the time in the last seven-plus years. What about that do the hardcore Clinton supporters not understand? I don't have a number for how often she voted with Bush, but I have a hunch it is far less than 95% of the time.

Hillary Clinton was a good candidate. She may not have been my preference among Democratic candidates, but I sure would have given her my vote had she won the nomination.

Would these "supporters" who say they won't be voting for Obama basically trash what Hillary Clinton stands for, basically trash all her hard work to get so far, trash her efforts to make a difference for women, minorities, the infirm... by voting for someone with whom she has such profound philosophical disagreements? Do they REALLY want John McCain to win the White House? It isn't Obama with whom Hillary Clinton has the bigger fundamental philosophical disagreements with, it's John McCain.

To my way of thinking, the actions of these Clinton "supporters" are not about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John McCain, but seem to be more about THEM. They are mad because they thought Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in, and Obama beat her. They will argue that it wasn't fair and square, etc. but the final score is up there on the scoreboard. They can accept that and move on, and embrace a candidate whose politics are more in line with what they want, or they can continue on their current track, possibly jeopardizing the chance their party has at winning the White House.

An important part of life nowadays seems to be getting over oneself, getting with the program, and working for the betterment of things in general. That is what Hillary Clinton has done. I think her hardest core supporters need to be doing like she had done. The media spotlight may be fun, but they need to get out of it now, so the party can present a united front and the "herding cats/disorganized" meme about the Dems can be dispelled.