Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mr. 9/11 To Address Republican Convention

Rudy Giuliani is set to give the keynote address at the Republican convention in September. The theme for his address will be "Country First", a bit hypocritical when you realize that John McCain has a plan to send 8000 jobs out of Ohio. Four days will be devoted to "service, reform, prosperity and peace".
So we know what to expect from this farce, lots of flag waving and invocations of 9/11 from the man who destroyed the evidence from the Twin Towers before forensics could examine it. And for all you beer swilling television watching morons who think that the explosion from the full fuel tanks caused the steel to melt, steel melts at 2500 degrees Farenheit , jet fuel, which is essentially modified kerosene, has a flash point of 1200 degrees Farenheit, less than the half required to melt the steel frames. And if you think that items within the structure burned hot enough to melt the frames, let's hope you're not meaning the fire retardant asbestos which filled the building and would have cost the Port Authority over $1 billion dollars to have removed. Perhaps Rudy was trying to hide the evidence of thermate on physical samples.
So the GOP will wave flags and prattle on about service, like how their candidate served his country in a POW camp in North Vietnam, reform, which is kind of hard to run on when you're the incumbent, prosperity, which means that the base has gotten richer while the rest of us struggle under their middle class breaking policies, and peace, from the party of the administration that has started more wars than it has troops to fight, and always based on the most specious reasoning. All of this will be brought to you courtesy of ExxonMobil, which is one of the companies doing extremely well under the Bush regime, and certainly will try to ensure they squeeze every last drop of blood from the working class in the McCain administration.


Kathy said...

I wonder if Giuliani and McCain will swap stories about their adulterous affairs?

Mariamariacuchita said...

I think I'll watch something else, something educational, like Gilligan's Island.

Tom Harper said...

I thought Giuliani was a has-been. I guess the TV-viewing public will be treated to one more display of his 911 Tourette's Syndrome.

It might almost be worth watching (not that I'm planning to) just to have a pool: How many times will he say "9/11"?

Lew Scannon said...

I was thinking it would be a better drinking game, a shot everytime he invokes 9/11, a beer for when he refers to himself a "America's Mayor"!
Maybe Newt will join them, and they can all compare trophy wives!
Gilligan's island is more reality based than the current Republican party!

Snave said...

While asbestos is a fire retardant, Giuliani is just... a retardant. His kind of thinking retards the progress of civilzation.

Lew, I think I will play that drinking game. It sounds like a sure fire way to get sloshed.

Mariamariacuchita is on the right track. I'll have to look... the Cartoon Network might have something on like Jonny Quest or The Flintstones.