Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unfit For Command

Quick question: How many houses do you own? Not how many houses have you lived in, or how many houses did you stay at, but how many properties do you have in your name? Most of us people can answer that with maybe one, or possibly two, or three, some rental property, we all keep tabs on what we own because as responsible home owners, we need to keep up these properties lest they fall into disrepair. Well, John McCain has no idea how many homes he owns.
When you mention the fact that McCain is unaware of how many homes he owns to his campaign, or the slew of McCain apologists within the corporate media, their response is give him a break, he was a POW! As The Carpetbagger Report points out, a noun, a verb and prisoner of war is McCain's excuse for all his mistakes. The fact that he cheated on his first wife with his now second wife? He was a POW!. It has become a standard McCain campaign defense from criticism for things like his health care proposals, a fall back position to be exploited at every opportunity, or as a defense against every accusation. As with Bush, who couldn't be criticized for five years because of 9/11, McCain cannot be criticized for events that happened thirty years ago.
But to those who spent time with McCain in the Hanoi Hilton, McCain's finger should be nowhere near the red button. The right wing likes to paint McCain as a "war hero", while others have the temerity to ask what has he actually done to earn the "war hero" qualification? Drop bombs on civilians? Lose an Air Force jet fighter?
It should be obvious to anybody who has two brain cells to rub together that if events that happened over thirty years ago are still having a negative effect on John McCain's behavior today, that maybe he shouldn't be in the White House. Perhaps he shouldn't even be in the Senate. John McCain belongs in a veteran's home, where, hopefully, he can receive the counseling he needs to get himself beyond the events in the past. We don't need him being excused for annihilating the planet because he was, well, you know, a POW.


PTCruiser said...

I think it's sheer numbers. That's where the problem lies. I have so many pairs of socks in my drawer that I honestly could not tell you how many I own. He's doing the best with what he has to work with. It can't be easy being that fuckin wealthy.

Snave said...

"McCain's finger should be nowhere near the red button."

If any of you readers have not looked at that link Lew provided, go do so right now. This is absolutely true! The rest of that opinion by Dr. Philip Butler is at,15202,164859_1,00.html

Please go take a look. It is a must-read! My apologies if you have already posted links to the rest of this and if I didn't notice.

Cut and paste Dr. Philip Butler's opinion into an e-mail and send it to at least 20 people. This is the kind of thing that needs to spread around the internet to counter all the false internet junk about Obama.

Mark said...

Let the soldiers help you in your decision. It turns out that the troops have to date donated "six times" more money to Obama then Mccain. Go figure. This by the way, if you read the article from the fair and balanced fox news, is very unusual, as troops usually vote for the guy who is going to spend more money on them. Not this time around, wonder why? Could be the war, or it could be that soldiers work with many of their cohorts who are wingnuts, troops know wingnuts, and they are not going to vote for a wingnut.

Tom Harper said...

Somebody ought to ask McCain how many servants he has. If he can't even keep track of the number of houses, his head would probably explode if he tried to add up all of their servants.