Thursday, August 28, 2008

From The People Who Brought You Ketchup As A Vegetable, Pt. 2

A couple posts back, I ran a lampoon of John McCain's proposed health care policy based on statements he made about sunscreen. Well, that lampoon made more sense than the latest health care proposal put out by the McCain campaign. The McCain proposal would require the Bureau of Census to reclassify everybody by how they would pay their hospital bills. Since emergency rooms by law cannot turn a patient away, the McCain camp reasons that everybody is covered with some form of health insurance, therefore, there are no uninsured Americans. No, I am not making this up.
So, just like the Reagan administration had ketchup reclassified as a vegetable to fill federal requirements for school lunches, McCain wants to reclassify those without health insurance as insured based on a law that is for emergency use only. That's not going to drive up health care costs at all, what with every ER in the country filled with people who need treatment for non-emergency injuries and illnesses forced to wait with those in dire need of medical attention. This isn't a plan, it's pure and utter contempt for middle and working class people from somebody whose health care is provided by taxpayers, the very people of whom McCain displays contempt.
I guess John McCain feels we should all marry a wealthy heiress who's family fortune was based on her father's connections to organized crime. And perhaps, McCain has forgotten that for five and a half years, his health care needs were provided to him.


Tom Harper said...

Well, at least McCain isn't an elitist :)

McCain might have something with that new health care plan of his. No insurance? Hey, see that emergency room over there? Quit whining.

And there's also no such thing as a homeless person any more. "Hey, to you that's just a moldy filthy old cardboard box. To me, it's home."

Mark said...

Ketchep is a fruit, not a vegtable!

Snave said...

Like all good conservatives, John McCain thinks Americans should have to earn their access to health care. To give something to Americans for free takes away their desire to work, according to the conservative line. Sheesh.

Reagan was a fruit, McCain is a vegetable.