Monday, September 01, 2008

The Party's Over Before It Even Begins

The McCain-Palin ticket plays out like one bad sitcom: He's the gruff but hotheaded senior senator from Arizona, she's his impossibly hot but shrewish(running)mate, can they learn to get along? Wackiness ensues!
In the meantime, the opening ceremonies for the Republican convention have been canceled due to Hurricane Gustav heading towards New Orleans. I guess one mass of hot air threatening the country was enough! Maybe no one will notice all the missing Senate Republicans, avoiding being branded by the brand the Bush administration completely destroyed, in part due to their police state tactics.


Snave said...

Like the article said, "...intimidation designed to quash free speech."

Free speech was quashed left and right during the Republican presidential campaign in 04, when audiences at Bush rallies were screened beforehand and "protest zones" were established... Hey, wait a minute... weren't there "protest zones" established by the Chinese government for during the Olympics? Anyway, such things are what we should come to expect from the GOP.

Graeme said...

and she apparently wanted to secede from the US.

Tom Harper said...

This could make a hell of a soap opera. Will the president and vice president be getting it on?

The senile quick-tempered ex-POW was boffing his running mate, but who he REALLY wanted was her hot 17-year-old daughter. How about a threesome in the oval office?

Will they get caught? Will it get leaked to the press?

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