Saturday, September 13, 2008

After The Election

While the right-wing propaganda machine begins making spurious claims concerning Iran's role in 9/11(because they worked so well with getting people riled up to invade Iraq) and the US shipping military equipment ill suited for Afghanistan's mountains regions to Afghanistan, one has to wonder, is an invasion of Iran George Bush's October surprise to help John McCain win the election?
The US has already began military operations in Pakistan with out that government's approval, now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has called for military operations in Pakistan's tribal regions along the Afghanistan border, virtually a declaration of war. This will in effect have Iran encircled by the US army, in Iraq to the west, Afghanistan to the northeast, and Pakistan to the east. But is the Bush/Cheney (or Cheney/Bush, if you prefer) administration, so eager to confront Russia in Georgia, that eager to start all out war with Russia in Iran right before the election? After all George Bush will attack Iran if he is told.
The notion that the American people will fall in line with another war is somewhat ridiculous. If they would, the Bush administration wouldn't be sneaking round in Pakistan, hoping the majority of television watchers are too obsessed with the new television season to be concerned with the machinations of the Bush Doctrine. Even the new GOP VP pick isn't familiar with the Bush Doctrine. (While most citizens can be forgiven their ignorance on this issue, somebody running for the second most position in our political structure shouldn't need a journalist to define it for her)
A war with Iran will drive crude oil prices even higher than they are already, which is something the GOP doesn't need blamed on them right before the election. There's no way to spin the whole off shore drilling as a solution to a permanent perpetual war mongering effecting gas prices. However, after the election, no matter who wins (although, the GOP will do anything to suppress the voting rights of Democrats and ensure a Republican president), the Bush regime will surely make it's move against Iran.

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