Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Even When It Was Palin's Fault I Knew It Was Really Hilary's

There was a time when the Republican party was all about personal responsibility. That was before the Clinton years where they could hang all their failures on. 9/11? It was all Bill Clinton's fault. The failing economy, the collapsing housing market and even Bristol Palin's teenage pregnancy are all part of the Clinton legacy.
Whoa! Back it up! Did Grover Norquist really say "If it wasn't for Hillary’s long time support of loose morals and whipping up women to think they can make decisions about their own bodies, none of this would have happened"? I guess this means that the McCain plan to woo disenfranchised Clinton supporters by naming a female VP has backfired, and so, it's back to the familiar right wing punching bags. If it were true that Hilary's behind the Palin pregnancy, wouldn't Chelsea have a brood of about ten little puppies by now? What feminists advocate is woman taking responsibility for their own bodies to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place, not casual sex without precautions. Clearly the blame lies squarely with Sarah Palin for not teaching her daughter proper morals, or how to engage in premarital sex without damning consequences. Or maybe by acting as a baby machine herself, Gov. Palin set a bad example that all women really are good for is pleasing a man and squeezing out babies.
And no, the media is not out to get Sarah Palin, they just know that Americans salivate at a good tawdry and juicy story, and are milking it for all it's worth. Oh, unless you were talking about the fact that Palin wants the investigation into her alleged wrong doings called off.


Anonymous said...

You are aware that this satire , right? It was first published on Sept. 2. by the "Post-Times-Sun-Dispatch" and clearly labeled as satire.

Tom Harper said...

It's all because of Hillary and those damn feminazis. No more of these here uppity women; it's back to the kitchen for all of them :)

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Lew Scannon said...

OK I'll admit it I was duped. When I read this, I hardly believed it was true, and scanned the web page for any sign this was a joke several times before I flew off the handle. maybe I believed it because it seemed believable.