Monday, September 22, 2008

Stupidity Is The Republicans Answer To Everything

Brother James called last week and introduced me to a new feature at Grand Rapids Registered people have been allowed to post online responses to readers letters to the editor. I have been there a lot lately because face it, the concern trolls have gone and we spend most of our time preaching to the choir.
It was while reading this letter that I became truly appalled, and yet, somewhat smugly satisfied that I had evidence that we are a nation of idiots.
The author of this letter seems to think that education is a bad thing, especially among political candidates, and even lauds Sarah Palin's naivete.
As Denny Bennett of Plainfield Township writes:
Many articles/comments suggest Sarah Palin's education and experience are less than desirable. An alternative perspective might be worth some thought.
Most people would agree our country is a mess. Our country's leadership consists of many Ivy League elitists, having degrees from Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, Princeton, etc. Wouldn't you think America would be running like a Rolex with this massive intellect supposedly in control?....
Perhaps it's time to skim the contaminated nerds from the political punch bowl and demand, shall we say, qualified as opposed to over-qualified politicos....
We need to search for a smarter gene pool and get away from the academic stuffed shirts. It is painfully obvious, especially in politics, being highly educated does not always make one smart.
Sarah Palin and others like her might be what America needs. Sometimes less is good.

The writer, obviously confused, is either trying to pin the current economic mess on "nerds" like Barack Obama, or thinks George W. Bush, with his college "C" average, is an intellectual (well, the writer is from Plainfield Township, not known for it's fine academia itself) and thinks we'd be better off with someone less educated.
Another writer "stardreamer" posts a response to another writer's letter entitled Not Better Off
we have had eight years of educated experienced people, and it has done nothing, give me someone out of the washington loop. Biden same old ideas, Obama, his shows up but doesn't bother to offer ideas or even vote. Give me a Palin/McCain ticket, she has shown she will interrupt McCain to present her voice;

The problem is not that we have had educated people running things, the problem is that too many politicians are enabling crooks. The recent bailout of our financial markets is just one more example of why larcenists are in charge of our government. And sure, it takes a pretty smart criminal to pull off a scam like this, but it takes someone smarter to catch them, and a nation of idiots to blindly support the status quo.

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