Saturday, September 20, 2008

So It's Come To This.....

All hail the corpocracy!! While millions of Americans were facing foreclosure on mortgages and losing their homes, Congress, both Democrats and Republicans sat idly by and allowed it to go on as if it were perfectly sane and normal, or oh well, should have never taken that mortgage in the first place.
God forbid anyone should regulate a bunch of criminals and John McCain thought deregulation was so super that he proposed it for our health care system as well. And while CEOs walked away with platinum parachutes, Congress was busy giving immunity to telcoms for breaking the law by spying on us, and feeding the military-industrial complex by funding the war in Iraq, very little of it going to the people actually putting their lives on the line.
Now, if Congress had taken a sliver of what it's going to take to save the financial district, and used it to help Americans hold on to their houses, this whole mess could have been averted, but Congress only has use for you two days a year: April 15 and the first Tuesday in November.
There are some who call the bailout of Lehman Brothers, et al, socialism, but socialism would imply that society as a whole would benefit from the action. And I think having a former banker standing on the corner, dirty and unkempt, with a spray bottle and rag offering to wash passing motorists windshields would do the country better than to have them retreat to their Ivory Towers with their security goon squad making sure that line between us and them is never breached while we are forced to work harder to pay off the debt they incurred.


Tom Harper said...

Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel :)

Good rant. The whole thing sucks; I can't find any silver lining in it.

Snave said...

Yes, good rant Lew!

So I guess the government bails out Wall Street and sticks taxpayers with a trillion dollars and it leads to a revolt, or the government doesn't do anything and Wall Street collapses and it leads to a revolt.

Does that mean the only question is "When is the revolt going to happen?"

If you know, let me know so I can join in.

Kathy said...

I think the October surprise we've been hearing about came a month early. The Bush administration negotiated these bailouts in order to reward their corporate friends before leaving office. Their access to the piggybank will be cut off soon and they needed to work fast.

Mark said...

Class warfare could be the root of the next revolution...or was it the reason for the first? Either way, we're not trading in cod, sugar cane and slaves anymore. I wonder if the US Army would fire on its own; kind of doubt it except isolated instances. I know the Marines would, but the rest of them, I doubt it.