Friday, August 01, 2008

Yeah, Sure, Blame The Dead Guy

Looking to wrap up the anthrax letter investigation before another administration took power and might have investigated possible malfeasance by the current one, a possible suspect in the anthrax letter investigation committed suicide today. Never mind that he warned of possible anthrax contamination at the Fort Detrick USAMRIID, or that videotape had caught someone else entering the lab with out authorization, after he had been released from his job for racially motivated attacks on a co-worker.
Never mind that taking a whole bottle of Tylenol 3 with codeine would cause you to vomit before it could kill you, or that Tylenol 3 is a prescription drug, you know, because of the codeine. You may damage your liver before it kills you, which wouldn't be immediate.(according to Snopes)
The main conspiracy is that the government was behind the anthrax attacks (which is why people in the Bush administration began taking Cipro on September 10). The letters were only mailed to key Democrats who may have stood in the way of passing the Patriot Act. Also to the photo editor at The STAR, which had been publishing pictures of the Bush twins underage drinking and falling down drunk. The letters were written to cast suspicion on Arabs, even though the spores came from an Army biological weapon lab (which, isn't that illegal?) at a time when rhetoric and propaganda had been ramped up for war with Iraq.
At first the FBI spent it's time and energy on a suspect who later successfully sued them for completely destroying his life. Which left the question unanswered, who did mail the anthrax? Until now, of course, and now that Dr. Ivins is dead, no big cash settlement to pay out because dead men can't fight you in court.


Tom Harper said...

These suicides must be contagious. At another blog (she stopped posting awhile ago) there was a post about all the people who "committed suicide" after investigating 9/11 and getting too close to the truth.

Not that I'm suspecting any sort of foul play or anything...

Snave said...

Damn, that's scary stuff.

Think we will ever learn the truth about any of this stuff? Will the next administration, if it's a Democratic one working with a Democratic Congress, pursue any investigations?

J. Marquis said...

I still say there are just too many coincidences when it comes to 9/11. And this suicide is a huge one.

MARK said...

This guy was a bigger nut then most of your readers, to include me. He killed himself and there is a long history of mental health records to suggest that he might take such similar action to himself or others.
The guy is such a genius that he can make chemical compounds above the average master chemist level, like anthrax. I'm pretty sure whatever killed him, even if it were Tylenol #3, was pretty potent. Hell with all the poppy available because of the US interests in the Afghan, I'm sure he could have super sized some pills.
If your following ever develops into a cult, and it seems to be on that track, I hope you will never spike the kool-aid with codeine, as someone may be allergic and puke it up, much like the kid you featured to prove it couldn't kill you.

Molly said...

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