Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Elephant Never Forgets, But The Republicans Can't Remember A Fucking Thing

For years now, the GOP, in concert with the corporate media have engaged in institutionalized hypocrisy, a double standard where what's wrong for Democrats is perfectly fine for Republicans. One example of this is all the hoopla made over the John Edwards affair, and the numerous affairs of Bill Clinton, while giving Republican adulterers like John McCain, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani a free pass. And this from the supposed "party of family values". But sometimes, in their rush to ridicule, they often will trip over themselves.
Another example of this is the derisive comments from the GOP concerning the back drop for Obama's acceptance speech, which has attracted all kinds of negative comments from the Republican party. What they don't tell you is that George W Bush used a similar backdrop for his 2004 acceptance speech. I guess it's OK for Bush to use one, he was a frat boy at one of the most exclusive colleges in the US (but that doesn't make him an elitist), and them frat boys are steeped in Greek culture. And so, with out a whiff of irony, the same shitheads that supported Bush in 2004 are now criticizing Obama. I guess the idle rich have nothing better to do.
Oh yeah, it's only a matter of time before McCain reminds us that for five and a half years, he didn't have any columns.


Agi said...

He's using columns as a backdrop? What a fascist!

Snave said...

How sad it is that the Republicans control and frame the national debate to the point where the Dems even have to fret about (and ultimately will have to defend) the BACKDROP for their candidates's nomination acceptance speech.

How afraid are the Dems that this is something they actually have to fret about? I guess they probably should be at least a bit leery of it, seeing as how the "liberal media" is likely going to play it up and make sure it reinforces the "messiah/celebrity" meme. They will probably try to make sure there is a controversy about it, and that it remains a topic of discussion for at least the next month. Whatever it takes to dampen a post-convention bump for Obama before the GOP gets its turn in the spotlight, eh.

As the GOP continues to force the Democrats to defend themselves at EVERY turn, and as the Dems ALLOW the GOP to do this, what I read here is no surprise. I do find it sad and disappointing.

Mark said...

I think the republican's would expect him to use backdrops such as zebra's and elephants( he copuld even have a few live ones with handlers), maybe a small jungle scene off to the left, and some empty 40's on the edge of the stage. I'm sure that would be deemed appropriate.

Tom Harper said...

Republicans are disappointed that Obama wasn't covered in bling and didn't have Fifty Cent blaring from a boombox. Who does he think he is anyway, that F#@$%!# elitist.