Thursday, January 26, 2006

Voice From Beyond The Grave

You'd have to be a real braindamaged chemically imbalanced beer swilling flag waving window licking jackanape brainwashed with fear not to notice that when Osama speaks (from beyond the grave) it always seems to be at a time that works out best for George W. The last audio tape (apparently the actor from the previous video was unavailable, or too many people noticed how much he didn't look like Osama) was released right before the election of 2004, with Kerry running neck and neck with Bush. Now Bush is in hot water again, for going around the courts to illegally wiretap Americans. Who comes to Bush's defense? Osama!
If Bush really felt the need to spy on people who may have contact with alQaeda, the NSA courts would not have a problem granting him the wiretaps. So who does Bush consider terrorists? Everybody who doesn't agree with him.Bush has proven himself time and time again to be an untrustworthy man. And everytime he breaks the law (torture, illegal wiretaps), he uses 9/11 to justify it.
Benjamin Franklin once said "Those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither" and I think that applies to the majority of Americnas today. They're more than willing to turn this country into a prison under constant lock down for a threat that doesn't exist. "Hell, yeah, let's put a fence along the Mexican border to keep alQaeda from sneaking a suitcase nuke." Of course that'll make this country even more like a prison, but as long as they can watch the SuperBowl on bigscreen tv's drinking lousy mass produced American swill beer while they do it (nothing against microbreweries, mind you) the chemically imbalanced brain damaged jackanapes won't even notice. Which is what Bush is counting on.


lily said...

Lew, I'm not sure if OBL is alive or not, but it does seem pretty convenient, doesn't it?

As we've discussed, there is alot of evidence he is dead, but not as definitive as we are capable of- given the technology to test these tapes etc.. And what also troubles me is that wouldn't you think if somebody could show OBL is dead they would do so now to totally shame the Prez and followers? How would these 'experts' explain a carcass dating back two years??? Their 'expertise' would never be trusted again- these Bergen like characters that write these books, etc. that all claim they are authentic.

Not only that, but he could have recorded these in advance with a few different messages, I mean his references are not that specific, they could have a few versions. Much of what has transpired seems predictable. Even London.

GREAT QUOTE Lew. Its nice to have you up and posting again!

michael the tubthumper said...

they are doing the same sort of stuff here too. its not just the US.

Lew Scannon said...

The man had bad kidneys and needed to be on dialysis every couple of months, do you really think that he carried a machine arund with him in the caves of Tora Bora? His death was reported in an Egyptian newspaper.
Then there those that claim of the capability to "clone" a human voice using seventeen hours of audio tape (of which I'm sure there was plenty of that laying around), but how do we know that the voice is even BinLaden? Who authenticated it? The US government, the same one that claimed Saddam was trying to purchase uranium from Nigeria? These tapes are all too conveniently timed for Bush's advantage for me to believe that Bin Laden had anything to do with them.

lily said...

Yes, Lew dammit! I think he carried a dialysis machine (and generator, and fuel, and autoclave machine, and lab) all around Tora Bora. ;)

Diane S. said...

I can't quote my source, but it is my understanding that the Bush Administration decided sometime around 2003 that - as a matter of policy - American broadcast journalists would be barred from airing further tapes from Bin Laden.

This being an BA directive, they can - of course - revoke it whenever it is in their political interest to do so.

I suspect Bin Laden is out there releasing tapes all the time. The Bush Administration has just turned them into their own special propoganda. Their response to any issue, foreign or domestic, is merely to get excited and jump about yelling, "Terrorism! Terrorism!"