Sunday, January 08, 2006

It couldn't be more obvious by the look of terror behind the smile of Weekly Standard editor (and PNAC co-signor)William Kristol on the Fox News morning show that he knew that the Abramoff scandal could spell the end of the Republican hold on Congress which could mean the end of the PNAC agenda getting fully played out. As each panel member scrambled to theorize what this means for Congress, Kristol, appealing to the doomsday cult faction of the Christian religion that Karl Rove so brilliantly played the "gay married terrorist" card to in the 2004 elections, blamed it all on Casino gambling on Indian reservations (conveniently forgetting to mention the Florida offshore gaming ships which brought about the "hit" on Gus Boulis, the crime that started this whole thing in the first place) which he said was generating too much money.
Yes, there was a mountain of millions moving around, and everybody wanted a taste, besides, as one of the other talking heads put it, "People expect the Congress to be corrupt." Well, at least the Republicans. It's amusing to watch the ones who so piously impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a blow job, now scramble to cover their asses. Even George W gave back $6000 he got from Abramoff rather than try to justify taking it because of 9/11. ( Any money Dick Cheney may have received is either not disclosed because of "executive privilige" or "national security interests")
In this coming election year, it will be interesting to watch the Republicans try to take any higher ground. Law & Order? What about the crimes you committed Mr. Delay? Accountability? What about the money you took, Mr Hastert? A recent AP-Ipsos poll shows that this coming election year is the Democrats to lose. Anyone want to bet they'll find some way to blow it?
Maybe the lesson from all that the American people can learn is that as long as we keep sending Democrats and Republicans to Washington DC, there'll always be corruption at the taxpayers' expense. Why should they vote for lobby reforms when their wives can get in on the action as well? Why not give tax cuts to the wealthy who then can buy more congressmen to give them more tax cuts so they can buy more congressmen until all the tax burden is shifted directly on the ever-decreasing middle class?
In reality, Mr. Kristol has nothing to worry about. The mid-season replacements start next week and not only is there a new season of American Idol, but that Skating With The Celebrities looks darn good too.

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lily said...

Of course they could do the new rollerblading show, too! :)
Yes, we expect corruption but just because we are not surprised doesn't mean they have to pull out all the stops.