Monday, January 30, 2006

Blowback Democracy

In a Newsweek article about loyal conservatives in the Bush White House who have had to leave their positions because they differed from the neocons on how the war on terror should be fought (the neocons preferring to violate the Constitution) Vice-President Dick (head) Cheney's spokesperson Lee Anne McBride stated:"This administration is united in it's commitment to protect Americans, defeat terrorism and grow democracy." Yeah, right. These are the same people who successfully stopped democracy in 2000 by going to Supreme Court to stop a democratic election from being played out.
These are the same people who, when Ahmed Chalabi, their candidate for leadership in the Iraqi elections lost, still put him in charge of the oil ministry. Their idea of democracy is their people in charge and if you don't like it shut up you're aiding the terrorists.
So it comes as no surprise that when Hamas wins the majority of seats in the Palestinian Parlimentary elections, beating out the US backed Fatah, that the US has vowed to cut off it's funding for the PA. Not only that, but the US has asked other countries to cut off funding for the PA as well.
What has happened is a clear case of blowback. Blowback occurs when a country like, say the US creates an organization like, say alQaeda, to serve a political purpose, like keeping the Russians from taking Afgahanistan, said organization then turns around and (allegedly) attacks the US by flying jet planes in to the seats of power in that country.
Hamas got it's start when Israel, looking to divide the secular PLO by introducing an Islamic alternative, started funding the group that evolved into Hamas. Hamas then paid Israel back by introducing the suicide bomber, which, while ineffective at aiding the Palestinian cause, certainly went along way towards insuring retaliations against Palestinians. Which would give them another reason for another round of suicide bombs.
So, maybe now, Hamas has wised up. All their prior tactics got them was thinning ranks, and the scorn of decent people everywhere. They've played out the violence card and now want to try a different tack. Maybe it's time to stop acting like that awful six-year old looking for attention and take a seat at the grown-ups table.
And maybe this should be a lesson to any country that wants to use terrorism to their advantage. It always comes back to bite you on the ass.


Old Mother Reagan said...

Are you suggesting that we outfitted a Taliban clique to fight the Russians? Then when we were done with them, we decided that we didn't like their opium-peddling oppressive ways? Are you suggesting that when Wolfowitz and Crony Co. wanted a 'new pearl harbor' that they weren't just fucking around? Are you suggesting that we knew about Saddam's biological warfare because he bought his weapons from the US?
Will you suggest that Exxon profits from history's most public planet-screw?
Conspiracy theorist.. I must tell Rex to straighten you out. :)

Neil Shakespeare said...

I think all of the above are being suggested. And are true, but have been forgotten. Just got around to linking you up over at my place.

Lily said...

Check out Lothlorien Path as AJ has a post you will appreciate.

Lily said...

Your wicked deed is done....

Left of Center said...

One way or another, they get their way, and the ends justify the means.