Saturday, January 28, 2006

Two Special Favors Must Add Up To Something

I know, you shouldn't believe everything you read, especially if you're prone to visiting sites that run stories about UFO conspiracies and weather control machines. Doesn't mean they're always wrong, just when they're writing about UFO conspiracies and weather control machines. However, once in a while, I'll read something so incredulous that you wonder why to corporate media isn't jumping on this like a runaway bride.
It seems that Bush, who is trying his damnedest to distance himself from Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, even going as far to snap up any pictures that may exist of the two together, replaced the prosecutor investigating Abramoff. Twice.
It seems that the US attorney in Guam was investigating Abramoff in 2002 when he was demoted by none other than George W. (W stands for without shame) Bush. The replacement attorney then recused himself because of connections to the case (kind of like the Supreme Court should have done in 2000 when they appointed Bush Imperial President) and the case proceeded no further.

Is this what a $25,000 check buys you? Besides a chance to be a "pioneer", does it get you out of jail free, courtesy of the top criminal in the country? Just when you think that Bush couldn't get anymore corrupt, he proves you wrong.

So when I read this, I thought this is big news and should be all over the corp........oh, that's right. It seems no matter how corrupt the Bush Administration acts, the media looks the other way. I know that tomorrow morning when I look at my local Sunday paper that if this story does get any coverage, it'll be buried to make room for a story on the preparations in Detroit for the Big Game next weekend. And when or if it does, the Republican apologists will find a way to tie it all in to 9/11 and the war on terror and how any body who dares question the integrity of Bush not only deserves to be spied on, but also sent away to one of the secret torture locations, as they are truly unpatriotic enemies of the empire, I mean, Republic.

Which is while tomorrow, I'll be back at the sites that offer me real news, albeit sandwiched between stories about UFO cospiracies and weather control machines. They lknow how important a story like this is.


Anonymous said...

Your topics are important, but your writing style and grammar are very poor. You need to write, then proof read, then proof read again, and then post. Your work will never be considered until you do this; Rants are for emails. A blog post should be a well written communication to your readers.

Lew Scannon said...

Thanks for the constructive criticism! I tend to edit on the fly and am always too anxious to post to proofread more than once.

Lily said...

Boy these anonymous tips are really plentiful this evening.

I think Lew just gets..passionate about his topic.

Neil Shakespeare said...

I understand exactly what you mean, Lew. It was in English and I could figure it out pretty good.

Diane S. said...

George W. (W stands for without shame) Bush.

Can I borrow that phrase if I promise to give it back?

Lew Scannon said...

Feel free to use it at anytime. We're all working for the same thing. America.

qrswave said...

George "Without shame" Bush; I love it!

And I think your style is great; I look for content, honesty, originality and analysis above technicalities like spelling and grammar.

You get an A+ on those! Keep up the great work.

AJ said...

" Doesn't mean they're always wrong, just when they're writing about UFO conspiracies and weather control machines...

Hey! That's me!
I'm offended!
Lily- tell Lew I'm not nuts,I still love America!

Seriously, your site is great.

Lew Scannon said...

Sorry, but every tin foil hat wearin' mug knows that the UFOs are weather control machines.

qrswave said...

Don't worry AJ, I'll believe anything.

If a system as grotesque as the Federal Reserve can rule the world unopposed with nothing but a the flick of a pen and a checkbook, then anything is possible.

AJ said...

You got it Qrs,

and Lew, you got it wrong:
"The weather machines control the UFO's!Or is it the other way around, doesn't matter, just believe on faith, which is real, it's just-
I mean to say, we can't have weather infinging on our rights as Americans, now can we?"

Lily, where are you????