Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Stroke Of Luck

News of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffering a stroke couldn't have come at more convenient time for the embattled PM. Evidence that Mr. Sharon took a $3million bribe in his 1999 campaign have surfaced in Israel, with some there calling for him to step down. I'm not saying that Mr. Sharon deliberately had a stroke, but anyone could see this overweight behemoth was a heart attack waiting to happen.
And so now we see another thing Israel has in common with the US. Corruption at every level of their government. Here in the US Republicans caught in the Jack Abramhoff scandal are scrambling to cover their tails, with House Speaker Dennins Hastert "donating" the bribes he took to charity. Too late, pal, you already took them and if you were really sincere, you would have given the money to charity before it loked like you were about to get caught. In fact, if you were really, really sincere, you would never have accepted the bribes in the first place and turned Mr. Abramhoff over to authorities immediately.
Already, the spin apologist supporters of the criminal Bush regime are making excuses for the wrongdoings perpetrated by their party. Everyone does, it they say, just look at Ariel Sharon.


lily said...

Lew, this is a bit harsh, even for you.:)
As for the recent scandal, we keep thinking that THIS will be the one, then THIS will be the one... and yet, few indictments.

Lew Scannon said...

Harsh, me? I just think that it's wrong for the US and Israel to call for regime changes in Middle Eastern countries when our governments are so corrupt.

lily said...

Awww, not a fan of hypocrisy???
Its the American way!!!!

Anonymous said...

Though the possibility still exists of a whole new meaning for, "throw the bastards out"!

Here's to hoping.

Lew Scannon said...

I'm with you on that. Don't the taxpayers pay these guys enough? I want my money back!

Lily said...

great to see you here, we've shared threads together at blogenfreude's and elsewhere. Lew's great.