Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Diplomacy Is For Pussies

In an almost stunning repeat of the prelude to the Iraqi war, the Bush administration has refused to negotiate with Iran about it's nuclear power plants. I guess diplomacy only works if you plan to use it, and I'm sure before the bombs start falling and more troops start dying, Bush will claim that the war in Iran was a last resort. And I'm sure that all those brain damaged beer swilling chemically imbalanced Faux News watching hypocrites will support this one too, because even after being told for so many years by Conservatives about how good nuclear energy is, now all of a sudden, it's a bad thing. And that's all they're doing, building a nuclear power plant (see photo below)
Iran he decided to use nuclear power, because it will allow them to sell their oil reserves and make some money. The problem is two fold. It's planning on selling them in euros, and they have a contract to sell it to China, which has $1 Trillion in reserve. So when they pay for the oil they intend on purchasing from Iran, they'll have to convert those dollars into euros. Eventually, those dollars will come back here like so many bad checks, with nothing to back them up, since America manufactures very little anymore. (But we still consume so much).
Meanwhile, the Russians have offered to enrich Iran's uranium in their country, but Bush is a war president, everything he does with war on his mind. It doesn't matter to him, or to anyone in Congress, that we're about to start WWIII, as none of their family members are serving in the military. But this time, we won't be fighting the bad guys, the US will be the bad guys. We're not fighting to bring democracy anywhere, we're fighting to control the world's resources.
And hey, what about that war on terror anyway? On Monday, an alQeada expert said that Osama is probably dead(which of course, he is)and that lead the US to fire back "No he isn't!", which is just another excuse for the government to round people up just because they're Muslims.
None of these wars have anything to do with 9/11, no matter how many times Bush invokes that fateful date to justify everything from torturing people just because their Muslims, to spying on American anti-war activists, to invading sovereign nations. Only a jackanape can support this war (and a brain damaged beer swilling chemically imbalanced jackanape at that), brainwashed into thinking anything the US does is justified by our military might, making our troops act as mere thugs and bullies for the New World Order. Diplomacy is for pussies.


michael the tubthumper said...

as you say, the iranians are
willing to negotiate

are they reporting this in the US?

LILY said...

Oh, Micheal, you kill me! What a hilarious question!
They sure are reporting the boasts about meeting the recruiting quotas. But not how much it is costing us.
Lew, thank you for the post.
What do you mean we hardly manufacture anymore? Are you not a fan of outsourcing? :) Cheap foreign labor outfits America! Not a fan of that? Trade deficits, budget deficits? Americans just keep lining up to buy their cheap plastic wares from WalMart.
Did you see that for the first time, the US is no longer the leader in information technology either?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lew:
"Malfeasance for malfeasance's sake" Hilarious.

Wadena said...

Peace would cut Halliburton's profits drastically.

Peace! The very WORD scares the Fascists.

Perhaps we could trick them by talking in terms of "unwar?"

Lily said...

Lew, hope all is well. Haven't seen a new post in a while, now Tuesday. Just checking in.

Lily said...

Is this finally a picture you can deal with, Lew??? Courtney Love's finger??
Glad you're back!

Lew Scannon said...

Noooo! Not Courtney Love.Once again showing her lack of originality.