Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who Gassed The Puppy?

Somewhere, some place at some time someone is manufacturing some evidence designed to trick the American people in to supporting an invasion in some Middle Eastern country at some time in the not too distant future. We were fed so much disinformation that was manufactured in the run up to the invasion of Iraq, that I'm sure that some of it was forgotten by the majority of Americans with attention deficit order from spending too much time in front of the television. One question that you should ask yourself is, who gassed the puppy?
You remember that cute little puppy, gassed on video tape and used as proof that Saddam had and/or was testing chemical weapons? Since we now know that Saddam had no chemical weapon program, than you must ask yourself, who gassed the puppy? Was it the CIA, who then passed it on to the White House, or was it the Mossad, who then passed it on to Larry Franklin, Israeli spy in the Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon, who then passed the information to the White House, in exchange for secret information that was then sent back to Israel? Was it Michael Ledeen, accused by the Italian government of forging stolen Niger documents that were cited by the Bush administration of Saddam's intent on starting a nuclear weapons program?
The question one should ask themselves is who benefits? Cui bono? Did the American people benefit from the invasion of Iraq? Did we get cheap oil? A sense of security from smiting a tyrant who was no more of a threat to our country than the Taliban? Did we gain any important information about WMD from the Abu Ghraib detainees we tortured to death?Did the Iraqi people gain anything after losing much of their potable water and reliable electricity? How about the citizens of Fallujah, victims of a chemical weapon attack with banned chemical weapons (including napalm) used by the United States?
But whoever gassed the puppy is not done. There are more wars to be fought and the Bush administration is willing to spread the lies to send our troops to kill and die in these wars. The Korporate media, several owned by defense contractors looking to line their pockets. There are those who are spinning the US around and pointing at Iran. The US will not benefit at all from this war and stands to lose much more as both Russia and China have pledged support with Iran as it seeks to acquire nuclear power capabilities.
And then there is Syria. Linked to the assassination of former Syrian minister Hariri by one Zuhir Ibn Mohamed Said Saddik, a convicted swindler who bragged that his testimony to UN commission investigator Detlev Mehlis made him "a millionaire". Given that Hariri had stepped down from his post in protest of Syria's influence over the government in Damascus, what would Syria have to gain in assassinating him? Who gassed the puppy?
Then we get to the Jordanian Hotel bombing. We are led to believe that this was carried out by a suicide bomber with ordinants strapped across his chest and the convenient confession of his wife after photos surfaced showing the damage coming from the suspended ceiling above the room, while no traces of what would have been a suicide bomber splattered against the wall. That the Palestinian head of intelligence plus several other Palestinian officials just happened to be there when it went off, coincidentally so were several Chinese defense officials have nothing to do with early reports that Israelis at the Hotel were giving a warning to evacuate before the bombs when off (much the same as Binyahmin Netanyahu had received advance notice of the London 7/7 terror bombing and been told to stay in his Hotel room, not to mention employees of Israeli owned Odigo receiving instant messages two hours before the planes crashed in to the Twin Towers on 9/11). Who gassed the puppy?
Clearly there is something amiss in the Congress when they vote 403 to 3 to continue the mission in Iraq ( a mission the idiot president said was accomplished on May 02, 2003, almost three years ago) while the majority of Americans, with the exception of a few beer swilling brain damaged monkeys, say we should be pulling out. Veterans who actually served in battle are called cowards by politicians who voted against assistance programs for the disadvantaged while voting themselves a $3,100 raise. The people in the Bush administration who support the war are the same people who took military deferments to stay out of VietNam and now have no family members fighting in Iraq, as do neither side of the aisles in Congress. And, to ensure their re-election, will gladly send even more American troops to die in Syria and Iran while the media runs flag waving graphics behind stories based on manufactured evidence. But don't you want to know, who gassed the puppy?


greenlily said...

Lew- at a forum the other night, somebody told the now infamous joke:
How did the Americans know Saddam used mustard gas?
We kept the receipt.

A sick joke, sure, but underscores the point about how we operate. As usual, I enjoy your rants and sorry I've been busy for a few days! Haven't even updated my own in a few days either.
Enjoyed your comments on Hydreogen and Stupidity, CB's blog. It feels good to get some validation once in a while on my perspective! I do not think we are a moral authority OR an economic powerhouse but you know this. Check in with you tomorrow.

Lew Scannon said...

I haven't been to other blogs such H&S as much lately but like to get my two cents in when I can and where I see fit. I also gave up my DSL and don't surf the blogs as much as I used to as I also don't have the time because I'm working two jobs now to catch up on some important debts that I have got too far behind on. Also my back had been giving me problems as well and that limited my time at the computer.But I do try to make it over there once in a while, if only to read the postings.