Thursday, November 10, 2005

Does Marion "Pat" Robertson Have White Phosphorous

My evenings generally go like this. I get home from my second job, turn on the computer, make a little dinner then go on line to find out what's happening in the world. My home page is SBC/Yahoo by default and they have four stories that they rotate, mostly celebrity bullshit, with one or two outrageous comments made by the imbeciles on the right. One day, for instance, it was Bush's "We do not torture" statement, and that will set me off, so I go to What Really Happened to see what is really going on in the world then it's off to my dashboard to create a post.
Tonight, I read the outrageous statement by Marion "Pat" Robertson about God striking down the good people of Dover PA who decided they didn't need a bunch of right wing nuts imposing their narrow world view on the students of that town. Then, of course, i went to whatreallyhappened to trace the evolution of the Jordan Hotel Bombing, which started out being reported as a bomb hidden in the ceiling to becoming a story about a suicide bomber. Isreali citizens at the Hotel getting advanced warnings to evacuate before the bombs went off to stories about them evacuating after the bombs went off. You, the truth, followed by the spin. There was also several links to the Italian video about Fallujah, plus other stories of interest, you know, how Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld want to be able to torture people, or the secret Republican memo that stated another "terrorist attack" will hep them retain Congress in 2006 (so wait for it, as they also need an excuse to nuke Iran and invade Syria).
After that, I read my emails, just two nice notes form Greenlilly including one directing me to the Daily Kos and a wondeful picture of a small Iraqi child whose skin had been melted off by the White Phosphorous used in Fallujah. And all this information started me to thinking.
What if "Pat" Robertson had white phosphorous? Would he hesistate to rain down on the good citizens of Dover and claim it was God's will? Why is he more outraged by democracy than he is about genocide? Or torture?Is Mr. Robertson a citizen of Dover? Why doesn't he just mind his own fucking business (or businesses, as he owns quite a few, making him millions from donations given by the gullible to the 700 Club)? Of course, the Fallujah story is being ignored by the Korporate media, which means it's about time for Ol' Lew to write a letter to the local paper with a link to the story like I had to do when I wrote them a letter about the Downing Street memo because the editor hadn't heard of it. Such is the sorry state of professional journalism today. Which is why I get my news from the internet.

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Cantankerous Bitch said...

You're not alone in giving up on the MSM, Lew. I find myself going to the "major" leftie blogs for my headlines, and tracking down source material as I'm feeling motivated. I fire off letters to the editor, but then never actually open the papers to see if any of them get printed. Probably not. LOL
On a positive note, someone at the grocery store complimented me on my bumper sticker today ("if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention), and gave me a knowing wink. I figure either it was a liberal-meet-liberal moment or worse, she was a thumper who totally misunderstood. Best not to think too hard about it, eh?