Saturday, November 12, 2005

Is It Time For The Right Wing Dirty Trick Squad?

In a recent GOP memo another terrorist attack on US soil is touted by party insiders as a way to salvage the parties falling political fortunes. Some insiders see this as a way to unite the people behind the president and his policies in Iraq. Other suggestions include an economic turnaround (good luck) or successful termination of the war in Iraq (not a victory).
Last Tuesday's elections have proved that the GOP can no longer ram it's reactionary agenda down America's throat. Bush's appearance at a late Monday rally for the Republican gubernatorial candidate put him down three points in a race that was neck and neck prior to that appearance.
Looking at the media today, you can see the ramp up to beginnings of war in Syria and Iran. A report on a pipeline that could be built from Iraq through Syria to the port of Haifa in Israel in order to get the oil to the petroleum addicted American people is just another paving stone on to the road to war with Syria. Another is the alleged assassination of Lebanese ex-minister Hairiri by Syria. That Israel is the main benefactor of both events isn't even mentioned. It is also Israel who is pushing for the invasion of Iran, who is seeking to build a nuclear power plant with help from the Russians. Another terrorist attack would help along that agenda as well.
In the days preceeding 9/11, Bush's numbers were incredibly low as word of stolen elections spread throughout the country (but not by the mainstream media, who barely reported the fact that Gore won Florida). The country was divided by those who felt that Bush was instated in a judicial coup and Bush supporters who felt that we should just move on. After that tragedy, Bush's numbers went up higher than any other sitting president had the luxury to enjoy, and he used it to push a reactionary agenda through the congress, including the Patriot Act, which in fact had been composed the terror attacks.
There are those who feel that 9/11 was in fact a "false flag" operation, carried out by the Mossad, or the Mossad/CIA, others feel that it was allowed to happen, that a neocon within the Bush administration looking for a "new Pearl Harbor" gave the stand down order to NORAD that allowed three planes to fly over the most heavily guarded airspace with impunity. There are those who don't believe in "conspiracy theories" who fail to acknowledge that the official government story on 9/11 is in fact, a conspiracy. The Valerie Plame scandal, is in fact, another government conspiracy, called Plame-gate by some, in honor of that other government conspiracy, Watergate, the latter two connected by the involvement of the Republican dirty trick squad.
Would the ditry trick squad allow another terrorist attack on US soil? Given the fact that Karl Rove sent Bush to Virginia against the wishes of others within the party, they might. They are too myopic to see that the damage to Bush would be devastating, given the passage of the Patriot Act, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the torture of detainees were all designed to make us safer at home. We are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here is the call of the dwindling war supporters. These are the soulless brain damaged monkeys who support the use of torture and have little regard for human life outside the realm of the ruling elite. "Pat" Robertson has sworn God's vengeance on Dover PA for voting out the school board members who wanted to introduce intelligent design (a/k/a creationism), and Bill O'Reilly has wished for an attack on the city of San Francisco for banning recruiters at local schools. Bothn of these are American cities, populated with American citizens, some of whom did not vote with the majority. But as we have seen in Fallujah, even those who don't support the "evil" that surrounds them are punished.
The GOP is desparate. The 2006 elections are right around the corner and they stand to lose control of the House as well as the Senate. Many of these opportunists, such as Rick Santorum, who cozied up to Bush when his numbers were high, are now distancing themselves from Bush. The only thing that could possibly save Bush is the capture of Osama Bin Laden, or the proof of his death , which could be quite an embarassment as he must have spoke from the grave in October 2004 when he threw his support behind Kerry. Or was that the dirty trick squad again?


Lily said...

Lew this stuff is wearing me down to think about... its depressing.

Lew Scannon said...

I am cautiously optimistic following the results of last Tuesday's elections. It does tend to wear one down, but the truth must come out, making people aware is what it's all about. If the information about all the evil these men do is exposed to daylight, it makes it harder for them to do it again. As more lies are exposed, it makes it harder for these evil men to continue on the wretched course they have set my country on. I have two young children and I want them to grow up to be honest and proud of their country, therefore I wish my government to be honest and doing things that are right and worthy of pride. And so when they do something like invade a country in violation of international law, or torture prisoners of war, or commit atrocities like Fallujah, things that go against the very ideals that America was founded on, I feel that it is my duty as a citizen of this country to voice my opinion against our leaders who are committing very unAmerican acts. I am fortunate because at work, I have a sympathetic ear to talk these things out with, and other people we work with who only are exposed to Fox News (which I've found, like Rush Limbaugh, only appeals to the bigoted and the prejudiced) get to hear the truth, and perhaps that's all it will take.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Hey Lew,
Sorry to hijack this thread for a housekeeping note, but I don't see an email link in your profile.
Anyway -- there's something odd happening in your blogroll and archive link section. If you click precisely on the exact links, you're ok. If you miss it but just a smidge, the click links to the "fire of liberty" post -- as if the link tag is wrapped around everything at the "Dinks" point down. If you mouse-over the archive or blogroll links and check your status bar, you'll see what I mean.
Also, the Corey Anderson link tag looks like it's also wrapped around the entire page. Mouse-over in the margins and you'll see what I mean.

On to more topical things, I share your concerns about Syria, especially, and feel that this kind of predatory pre-emptive BS is the primary reason to get the Bush-Republicans out of power. Easier said than done, I realize, but you're right - Tuesday's elections give us reason for optimism. Of course, the ~30% that still approve of this administration is enough to make me think we are, indeed, climbing aboard the proverbial handbasket, but I suppose there's always a contingent of apologists that can never be reasoned with.

And good for you for speaking up at work. So many people are afraid of getting into political topics at the office (rightfully so, in many cases) and it disappoints me every time. You'd think it could be a perfect opportunity to engage people, given, if nothing else, the relative proximity to one another...

Lew Scannon said...

Yeah, I see what you mean. I am trying to fix this problem, but am limited to the time I spend at the computer due to back agony.
We're not really supposed to discuss politics at work, or so I was told (by the Fox News watcher-it figures) because it is the policy of the company we are contracted at, and supposedly company policy says we must follow the rules of the companies we are contracted at, they would much rather we discuss sports, I guess. But I try to engage people everywhere, and find that even in this hotbed of Republicanism in which I live, there are lot of people who are unhappy with the way Bush has screwed up this country.

Lily said...

I agree that lies must be thrown into the light of day, but what is so discouraging is that even when this is done, nobody seems to care! There's no outrage, no clammoring for accountability, no desire to take anyone to task. As I said last night on Hydrogen and Stupidity, the examples would be enough content for their own blog! Certainly we cannot do them justice here, describing the many crimes..but what troubles me is the TOLERANCE!
Caught O'Reilly yesterday (I swear, just flipping through) and had to pause while he struggled to describe what was on the screen in his "Talking Points" segment. He went on about how the left lies, they defame everyone, and then force the mainstream media to cover the lies! See they are so idiotic that you can't HAVE a conversation about politics because invariably it would involve throwing your sandwich at people in the workplace!!!! No doubt why they prohibit.