Saturday, November 26, 2005

Just Another Excuse Not To Shop On The Day After Thanksgiving

There is something terribly wrong with the greed that has engulfed this country. At a time of year when people who profess to be Christian fight each other without regard to safety and well being of each other all to be the first to acquire material posessions that they can share with loved ones in Jesus' name, it boggles the mind. That this happened at Wal-Mart is bad enough, but this is my hometown, good old conservative Christian Grand Rapids, MI . I offer this up as yet more proof that the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ has been replaced by the Capitalist celebration of the acquisition of more and more material things. It's easy to see how some can justify a war to take the oil from the people living directly above it when this kind of unrepentant greed is so prevalent in our society (you should see these fuckers line up for a church sale).
Update: At the laundromat this morning, I heard from the attendent that her daughter was there at the time. This didn't take place at the Grand Rapids Wal-Mart (as I do believe there are no Wal-Marts within the city limits) but at the Cascade Wal-Mart, which is on 28th Street. Cascade is an affluent suburb of Grand Rapids, 28th Street is ten miles of nothing but suburban shopping pleasure. Also, another source for the video is here .
Now the shoppers are laying responsibility for the fracas on Wal-Mart, and as much as I dislike Wal-Mart, and feel that a bit of the blame can be placed at their feet, my belief is that the shoppers themselves bear most of the responsibility. Greedy, materialistic folks who cherish a bargain more than civility are to blame. If they themselves hadn't put such a high price on the acquisition of bargains and felt it necessary to elbow and shove each other out of the way, none of this would have happened. But, as most of us already know, the sheeple are unable to think outside of the herd mentality and can never take any responsibility for their actions. This is symptomatic to the me-first attitude that permeates our society.
The laundromat attendent also mentioned that her daughter, who got up early and waited in line, didn't even get what she had gone there to get.


Lily said...

Well I am back after a nice holiday hiatus. I did not shop AT ALL. Not even a little bit this week. I think the whole scene is disgusting and absurd. Yes- consumerism trumps religion, family, and all else as the great love of America. Nothing stirs people to wake up at dawn like the seductive promise of a sale.
Imagine if people gave that much of a damn about other aspects of life? If people waited on line for zoning meetings, thrilled by the prospect of participating in land use decisions? (yeah, right)

RR said...

Your comments were not working and I tried to email you to tell you-it seems that when blogger cannot deliver the comment to your inbox, it sends a failed delivery message to the person commenting (me, in this case) I just think its not cool that they included your email address! I could stalk you, Lew! hehehehe just teasing. But really, look into it.