Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Post Number 100: Who's the Bigger Idiot?

Well, I was going to post a story here about how the US, in it's infinite cruelty, bombed the city of Fallujah with phosphorous, which is akin to the chemical weapons that Bush claimed Saddam had ready to use (which he didn't), and how the story is getting out all over the rest of the world but the US "liberal" media seems to be ignoring it, much the same way they ignored the rest of the world when they printed the administration's claims that Saddam had WMD, as well as ties to al Qeada and links to 9/11. Phosphorous is an illegal weapon (much the same as the invasion of Iraq was an illegal action) which melts human skin and bones on contact. Our wonderful leaders killed one reporter who was filming at the time and jailed another in an attempt to prevent the story from getting out.
But no, I gotta do another post about torture for it seems that the moron in the White Hosue made the bold statement the other day "We do not torture!" Either he's drunk, an idiot, both, or thinks the American people are too stupid to figure out that because Dick (head) Cheney is fighting a bill going through Congress sponsored by John McCain that prohibits torture by US forces (I guess the War Crimes Act of 1996 isn't enough) that they must enjoy the use of torture. Of course, the Republican controlled senate is too busy looking into how the story got out that we were actually using torture to actually go after the guys who authorized it.
So instead of doing a post about the Avian Flu, and those Tamiflu shots (which don't stop the spread but merely help with the systems) that Bush is advocating are made by a company(Gilead) whose majority stockholder is, wait for it, Donald Rumsfeld, and how he's safe from any lawsuit due to adverse side affects thanks to, yep, the Republican Party, I have to do another post about the secret torture prisons that are so bad, the International Red Cross can't visit them. Hell, even the Nazis and the Commies let the Red Cross in. There's something to think about the next time you jump into your Sport Utility Behemoth and drive down to the corner grocery to buy a six pack to watch football with, how many Iraqis were vaporized or tortured so you didn't have to trade that SUB in for a more fuel efficient car or even get off your fat American ass and use your legs and walk the four blocks there yourself. That makes you the idiot that George W Bush (and even myself) think you are.


Lily said...

I think he's drunk AND an idiot!

Lily said...

At DKos

Lew, CB posted this at H+S from Daily Kos. It will leave you speechless- but it is important to know. Damn I wish I didn't look. Damn.

Cantankerous Bitch said...

Nice rant, Lew. It sounds as if you might be suffering from the same kind of head-spin I think all of us are reeling from: You sit down to post something on topic A, which leads you to B, which leads you to C, which leads you to D.... next thing you know, you've found about a dozen outrageous things to comment on, but by that time, your head is spinning with too much shockingly awful news and you don't know where the hell to begin.

Then again, maybe that's just me.

Anonymous said...

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