Saturday, November 26, 2005

Another Neocon Nazi Nutjob

One wonders what goes on in the mind of Ann Coulter as she spews her venom in the name of "family values" and "compassionate conservatism", two folksy ideas no longer in the Republican lexicon, as no one in the party seems to actually practise them. How can someone who makes her living by responding to the news be so woefully misinformed. It's as if she and Bill O' Reilly and other propaganda shills for the Neocon Nazis in charge are following the old Nazi party idea that if you repeat a lie enough times, people will believe it.
Once again, I must repeat this, but Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. He destroyed all he had following the first Gulf War to be in compliance with UN mandates. The only way he could have had any was if Brewster Jennings hadn't stopped that shipment through Turkey that the military was planning on planting to be conveniently found (more "fixed intelligence" as per the Downing Street Minutes). In the almost three years since the invasion of Iraq, they have yet to find any evidence that Saddam was holding any chemical weapons. The only one who had any chemical weapons was the United States, who used napalm on the citizens of Fallujah.
There was also no ties to alQaeda, a fact the Bush administration was aware of two days following 9/11, of which Iraq had no part in either.
The war in Iraq is part of the Neocon agenda, put forth by The Project For A New American Century. In order to dominate world both with our economic policies as well as our military, we must be able to control the world's remaining oil resources. To that end, we must then cause regime change in the countries of the Middle East where the world's remaining oil lies, and install regimes friendly to both American military ideals as well as American oil companies. All that was needed to start this plan was a catastrophic event " a new Pearl Harbor" which conveniently took place as soon as possible once the Neocon Nazis (Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc) were placed in power (by a judical coup). That their goals are one and the same with the goals of the Third Reich (or the Worldwide Communist Conspiracy, for that matter) makes them more dangerous than the bunch of religious fanatics aiming to get the foreign interlopers from their homeland that they Neocon Nazis have use as an excuse to fight a never ending battle.
Now of course, the bets are on for their next target. Syria, or Iran. Having successfully gotten rid of Saddam (and with him the edict he signed taking only euros for his oil), our troops have been kept in position until a case can be made for an invasion of either country, depending on which one they can best market to the American people. Given that we've sent forces into Syria , my money is on that war.

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Anonymous said...

Obama has been president for almost 3 months and neocons are already calling it armageddon. Their leader *Cough* Rush Limblaugh needs to be taken off air as it seems all he wants to do is cause chaos and anarchy.