Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dick The Dictator

The other day, Dick(head) Cheney made perhaps one of the first true statements of his Vice-presidency. "The administration did not manufacture evidence to trick the country into war." And he's right. According to the Italian government, it was Michael Ledeen who forged the Niger documents that said Saddam was trying to purchase uranium. And it was Israeli spy and Pentagon OSP head Larry Franklin who passed most of the questionably manufactured evidence on to the administration that they used, knowing, one would hope, that it was falsified.
Mr. Cheney seems to have acquired an unusual place in the government. Although he is only vice-president, he seems to have placed himself above the law. First there were his secret energy meetings, which he fought to keep secret and what little was disclosed following a lawsuit by Judicial Watch was maps of Iraqi and Saudi Arabian oilfields.
Now, he feels he does not have to follow the law and disclose all the places he travelled on the taxpayer's dime! I know he raised a stink locally when he visited former Republican party chairman Pete Secchia to attend his birthday party, the overtime pay that went for all the police and deputies who had to cover every driveway, sidestreet and overpass was in excess of $46,000, which was eventually paid by Mr. Secchia, but who paid for the use of the secret service, the plane that flew him here and home? We'll never know because Mr. Cheney is unique to vice-presidents, he seems to have even more power than the president.
But what really qualifies Dick as a dictator is his undying battle to allow the US to use torture. I mean, wasn't that what made Saddam such a bad dictator in the first place, was that he tortured his people? And he is also the reason there seems to be a reluctance to impeaching Bush. Can you imagine who much we'd all be screwed if that bastard ever became president?
In the words of the doctor at Dick's hurricane Katrina photo op, "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney."

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