Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two Words:Haw-Haw

Back in the last decade of the last millenium, Republicans were so desparate to gain political power that they decided to initiate term limits in hopes of ridding the state government of electable Democrats. Which was successful, except then they had a problem, their electable candidates would lose their seats as well. What to do?
Harold Voorhees (R-Wyoming) came up with a good plan. After his two terms were up, his wife would run for his seat, serve her two terms, then their son would run, turning his district in to his own little fiefdom. But after being out of politics for awhile, Ol' Harold decided he needed the perks, power and prestige that come from holding public office, so he decided to run for Mayor of Wyoming, as a Republican.
A little background is in order here. Wyoming is in Kent County, one of only two counties in the whole state to go for Bush in 2004. As long as I can remember, there has not been a Democratic represenative from this district. So Harold probably thought he was a shoo-in.
Mr. Voorhees lost, not only to a Democrat, but a Democratic woman! Pro-choice people won seats on the Grand Rapids City Commission. All across the country, the fallout from the disaster of the Bush administration's corruptness and incompetence is starting to turn people away from the republican party and only instituting more electronic voting can save them. Arnold's four measures in California failed to pass, two Democrats won Governor's seats and this was an off year election! 2006 is only a year away and it looks like Bush is getting ready to start another war (or two).
But he won't be able to sell it with out media co-operation. And the Korporate media has issued mea culpas for unknowingly (they claim) helping the Bush administration to sell the lies for Iraq. And you wonder what the American people will think when they find out about the chemical weapons we used in Fallujah, if the media decides to report on it honestly (I'm not holding my breath) instead of acting like the shills they did in the build up to the (illegal) Iraq invasion and put out the "officail government story" which is always a bunch of horseshit.
In the meantime I think of Ol' Harold having to go out and get a real job (good luck, old man) and two words spring to mind: Haw-haw!
Nelson Muntz couldn't have said it better himself.


Lily said...

Do we ever have anything positive to talk about in this world anymore???

Lew Scannon said...

I don't know, I think my post was positively negative!