Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheney's Death Squads Need To Be Investigated

George Bush was fond of talking about his legacy in his final days, and how history will vindicate him for his actions. But as more and more revelations leak out from his administration, things may have been worse than we imagined.
Seymour Hersh has a story about how Dick Cheney ran an assassination ring out of the office of the vice president. Extrajudicial executions are always looked back fondly by historians. Perhaps Deborah Jean Palfrey didn't hang herself.
Cheney was always up to no good in the Bush administration, from creating a special conduit of fabricated intelligence on Iraq to authorizing torture of people he wanted to confess to crimes that he himself committed. That is why we need a Truth Commission now, while the evidence is still fresh.
The Obama unchange administration has admitted they intend on defending the criminals from the previous administration against allegations they used torture. Well, they're not really allegations, since they all have admitted to it. Nor do they intend on prosecuting the Bush administration for starting an illegal war. We the people as citizens need to demand our government take action and investigate the many crimes perpetrated in our name by unjust men who used our military as their own private army to profit from war and drive the country to the point of bankruptcy, both financially and morally.


Agi said...

Why would Obama want to expose the death squad ring? He probably has plans of his own to utilize them in the near future in Afghanistan.

Lew Scannon said...

Afghanistan? He'll probably want to keep them around when his whole economic stealfromus plan tanks!

Kvatch said...

That is why we need a Truth Commission now, while the evidence is still fresh.

I think we need a Judge Roy Bean. "We'll sir, he needed killin'!"