Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Really Miss That Guitar

(photo courtesy Matthew Richards)
I've been doing that Facebook thing for a while, not really, I think I signed up a month or two ago, and left it at that.(My home page is here if you wish to add me as a friend) Then today, I decided to try to change somethings on there (namely, my name, as it is listed as one of the many pseudonyms I've adopted over the years) only to see a blast from the past.
It was 1993, I think, and I was playing guitar and singing (screaming on key, really) for the coolest band I ever was in, Dysfunktional Son of God. These were the glory days for me, and there was nothing better than playing out. But what really struck a nerve for me was seeing an old friend.
Directly behind me, in front of the drum set was an old hollow body electric I used to a have, a Framus. I got it from a friend who ran an antique/vintage clothing store. I picked up an old saddle, with silver and turquoise trim, out of a free pile at a garage sale. I thought my friend, Chuck may be interested in it, so I took it down to his store. When I got there, he showed me his most recent acquisition, which was the guitar. Knowing that I know something about guitars, he asked me what I thought of it. It was excellent, fine German craftsmanship. I showed him the saddle, and that twinkle appeared in his eyes that always did when I brought him something unusual. He then offered a trade, the saddle for the guitar. It was only after the deal that I told him I got the saddle for free.
I don't why I got rid of that guitar, although I gather it was probably so I could buy some drugs. Like a lot of other things, I let a lot of good guitars slip through my hands because I couldn't smoke them. Now I'm down to only three, including the Fender that I'm playing in the picture. Somethings, like memories, are worth holding on to.

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