Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ketchup America

It seems so long ago.
back when I started this blog, when many of us started blogging much of mainstream America and it's media were cowering in fear, sure that there were terrorists lurking everywhere, and if we didn't invade Iraq, they would surely kill us all.
In the blogosphere, however, things were different. It almost felt like borderline treason, passing along nuggets of information amongst ourselves that for whatever reason, wasn't made public to the people.
Remember the Downing Street Memo? The official British document that stated US intelligence was being 'fixed' around an invasion of Iraq? I can still remember having to email a link to the local paper's editor about it because they hadn't heard of it.
I also remember a pervasive feeling that Bush and Cheney, who were setting themselves up with near-dictatorial powers, would never step down from the presidency.
So when the Obama Justice department released nine of the Bush administration Office of Legal Counsel terror memos no one was surprised that nearly every legal expert has denounced them strongly as being tyrannical . They can do that now because Bush and Cheney have gone away.
But this is not news. Many people have known that the Bush regime was over the line on many things. Some have suggested a >Truth Commission, and I for one agree. We cannot really move forward waiting for the rest of the American people to catch up on what's been going on these past eight years.

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Tom Harper said...

We definitely need a truth commission. We need to find out what happened during our 8-year dictatorship, so it won't be allowed to happen again.