Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Return Of The Superlieberweasel

Back in 2006, before the hotly contested Connecticut Democratic Senate primary, when Ned Lamont was getting set to whip Joe Lieberman's tail, Lieberman's website crashed, which Lieberman blamed o the Lamont campaign. Nope.
Well, as it turns out, the Liberman campaign was to blame for crashing it's own website, according to an FBI probe into the matter. It doesn't get any more weaselly than orchestrating a false flag operation against yourself than blaming it on your opposition. It's something like crashing a jet airliner into a skyscraper you already have rigged with thermite charges to blame on someone who happens to be in a country you've been planning to invade to build a pipeline through.
So if we're going to play the "guilt-by-association" game, and hold Sen. Obama responsible for everything his pastor has said (no matter how true), then shouldn't we hold John McCain responsible for this fraudulent crime perpetrated by his shadow Joe Lieberman? At least Lieberweasel isn't a democrat anymore.


Dusty said...

That bag of batshit had the nads to attempt to blame anyone but his own cheap ass for the site crash.

Dipshit extraordinaire.

Word verification: naplm

Graeme said...

Why did he get voted in again? He should join the republicans

Snave said...

Thanks for that picture, it made me laugh out loud until I realized I was laughing at something that is so aggravating it isn't really funny.

Good picture anyway! Totally appropriate.

Sounds like something Joe would do.

Speaking of "guilt-by-association", I sure wish the Dems would do more of that with McCain and Bush. Why they aren't harping more on this is beyond me.