Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Again!

Along with the financial burden of rising gas prices, rising food prices, increased inflation (due to the falling dollar) and the stock market dropping 256 points, now President Bush feels that we should feel that the Iraq war is a burden worth bearing. Funny, none of his family, or his cronies families are suffering, or serving overseas for that matter, but hey, the rest of us can shoulder that burden. Thank you!
But now, along with these burdens, get ready room on your shoulder for yet another. Dick Cheney feels we should start another war. Already, the propaganda has begun. Photos of "alleged" missile sites are being circulated,"unidentified" speed boats approaching naval patrol boats in the Gulf are being identified as Iranian by the corporate media propaganda machine and the neocons are using Gen. Petraeus's hearing as an excuse to attack Iran.
In my estimation, we will see a continuation of the anti-Iranian propaganda in the corporate media, a la the Iraq invasion. Smart people won't fall for it, but most of the idiot television watchers, with their shortened attention spans will eat it up with a side of citrus teriyaki wings and a Diet Pepsi Max to wash it down. At some point in time, after the Democratic candidacy is decided, an attack will begin, just in time to help John McCain sweep the election, riding a wave of renewed patriotism and rigged voting machines.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! then again no. What a mess we'll be in. I do agree though, just before the Nov elections the drums of war will be banging and the sleeping trolls will be following to their doom while the rulers cash in some more. The least I can do now is buy some stocks on weapons of MD and war. Only if I had no conscience that is. One thing I will most definitely do is have my passport and papers ready, the rumor is that this time they'll draft...I'm outta here!!
How can these imbeciles have a war when the soldiers are burn out? Blackwater is becoming financially prohibited...oh yeah, dumb me I forgot NucUUlear holocaust, that's the way to go U.S.A.

Mark said...

Even Pat Buchanan is saying that there is a 50/50 chance of us bombing Iran by October.

John Good said...

Call me naive if you will, but I don't see the military standing for that, especially when they're almost out from under these asshats.

There WILL be a war alright, but not the one the warmongerers expect.. .