Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Smear Campaigns

This is so funny. The Republicans intend on using Barack Obama as a liability. Where do they live?
Back in the US, President Bush has the lowest approval rating of all. The economy is fucked, the wars in the Middle East are utter failures, strangling our economy even more than the high oil prices, which is another by-product of those wars and the propaganda machine is gearing up for the next.
You see, it doesn't matter if John Hagee backs off his prior homophobic statements, all any Democratic nominee has to do is point out that McCain is no different than Bush, and they should win by a landslide. And if they don't, the Democratically controlled congress should immediately begin an investigation into vote fraud.


probabilityZero said...

I don't know about investigating vote fraud, but I definitely think pointing out how similar McCain and Bush are should easily win the election for the Democrats. In many ways, the important part of the election is almost over (the primary).

Tony of AntiSocial Commentary said...

I agree completely, but never underestimate the Democrats' ability to fuck shit up in the last few weeks.

EB said...

Hey Lew, haven't been online much (sometimes at TBR) but I thought of you when I saw a Ramones tribute band (they weren't that bad, actually)

...and figured I'd come see if you were still blogging.

In many states they are still using the joke voting machines and as long as they do, who knows. I agree that the Dems have a way of messing up when they need to be on their game. Like Kerry not responding to the Swiftboat issue for such a long time. They need to learn how to work the press.

Something at least the Clinton's have down.

Anyway keep in touch.