Monday, April 28, 2008

The Non-Issue That Won't Go Away

Guess what! Apparently, the most Reverend Jeremiah Wright happened to make some statements that haven't sat well with the corporate media. Naturally, upsetting as these statements are, you'd think they wouldn't want to hear them again, but no, they have to play them ad nauseum because, well, they want you, the television watcher to be as upset as they are.
You see, a member of Reverend Wright's church, one Sen. Barack Obama, is running for president. And since Sen. Obama hasn't made inflammatory statements about staying in Iraq for 100 years, or lied about conditions during a trip to Bosnia twelve years ago, they need to sling some mud on him. Why? For one thing, Obama has threatened to use diplomacy with Iran, instead of maligning an old song by the Regents (or the Beach Boys for those of you unfamiliar with the history of Rock and Roll) or threatening to "obliterate" Iran.
Obama also has the support of Hamas, the winner of the last Palestinian elections, and since the people who don't like diplomacy care even less for democracy, well, that can't be good for them. So, like a burning tire, the words of Rev. Wright are being placed around the neck of Sen. Obama.
The real issues, however, go unanswered, because if the television watchers were told the truth about these issues which affect their day-to-day existence, they may just turn off their televisions, and wouldn't know which hair color was right for them.
Then all the lies would unravel. The war on terror? It doesn't exist. Iraq was never about it and Afghanistan could have been, but it would have ended too soon for anyone to make good money from it. Those economy stimulating tax cuts? They have only increased budget deficits, and weakened our currency, which is why a loaf of bread now costs three dollars. Soon, you'll need a whole wheel barrow full. If you're lucky enough to still have employment.
The people in charge know how to keep you voting against your own interest. Do you want the man who has a pastor who chooses to see America as it is, rather than in the flattering light of the rose colored glasses? Or would rather have the man who wants an undefinable victory in a century of combat and occupation, but wears a flag on his lapel, so you know he's a guy you'd want to have a beer with?


Graeme said...

I was forced to watch CNN on break today and they wouldn't shut up about Wright. At one point they were talking about them talking about Wright.

Lew Scannon said...

CNN was all Rev. Wright yesterday. It was like a Bizarro planet interpretation of news.

Kathy said...

I find it ironic that the media is all over Wright for his remarks, but let Hagee or some other religious extremist say the gays caused God to smite New Orleans and they barely report it.

By the way, good post, Lew.

Tom Harper said...

Yes, this flag lapel pin issue is indeed our most pressing problem. And don't forget, Obama's middle name is Hussein, teeheeheeheehee.

BTW, congrats on acknowledging the Regents. I can't stand that lame-ass cover version by the Beach Boys, and I hate it when the media mentions McCain's "Bomb Bomb Iran" in terms of "that song by the Beach Boys."