Tuesday, April 08, 2008

He Certainly Needs Protection

As vice-president, Dick Cheney receives secret service protection, which usually expires once he leaves office. However, Dick Cheney could keep his security detail, another perk at taxpayer's expense. We are being told because we have a "sworn enemy" who has "vowed to killl the president and vice-president", however, the truth of the matter is-Dick Cheney is afraid of the American people.
His recent remarks concerning the citizen's opposition to the war in Iraq ("So?") and his lack of concern for the over 4000 soldiers he has sent to their deaths in an illegal war ("They volunteered") have resonated as arrogant and unfeeling with the American people, and will have him go down in history as the most hated VP in the history of the US.
Regardless of the reason, it has been Cheney's actions that have generated the animosity towards him, of course, Republicans being the hypocrites they are and personal responsibility is for poor people,we will once again be forced to waste money that could be better spent somewhere else to protect this paranoiac from the responsibilities of his own actions.
But, unless there is action from congress, Cheney's protection will only be extended for six months. Let's just hope his health care isn't.


Kathy said...

What a crock of horse manure! An additional 4 million dollars to protect Cheney for 6 more months?

I say let him pay for the protection himself. He's made millions of dollars off his war in Iraq so he can afford it. It's the least he can do to help compensate taxpayers for the money we've wasted on his lie.

Graeme said...

Hey, he's for small government right!

Frederick said...

With deferred payments from dividends from Haliburton this Dude could hire whole platoons of Blackwater and never have to worry about security. Not that he ever has to worry about any of his actions anyways.

Snave said...

Great post.

None of these neocons seem to get it. They are not so reviled just because they are American "leaders"... it IS because of what they have done and said.

In my opinion, Cheney should not be allowed to keep any security detail at our expense. If we can't put him in prison we can at least let him pay the price for his actions by having to sweat and worry for the remainder of his life. As paranoid as he is and with his heart as bad as it is, he probably wouldn't live long without his security detail around... he would worry himself to death. Once he is out of office (if he does leave office), at least the American people wouldn't have to bear the brunt of his mental illness any more, because he would no longer be in a position to drive national policies.

Anyway, he has plenty enough money that he can hire some Wackenhut weirdos or Blackwater types to guard him. Let the bastard pay for his protection with his own money.