Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where's Osama?

Mullah Omar hasn't seen Bin Laden for years. Which is not much of a surprise to me, since Osama is dead, pushing up the desert equivalent of daisies somewhere. Omar says he hasn't seen him since late 2001, after the US forces ousted the Taleban from Afghanistan. Which is right about the time his death notice turned up in an Egyptian newspaper.
So, either Osama is dead, or he's being protected by the people who should be hunting his ass down. Why?
Consider this: It is well known that Osama had a kidney problem that required dialysis treatment. While it would not be impossible for him to drag a dialysis machine around the caves of Tora Bora, it would be damned inconvenient. Not to mention close to impossible to power one. So in order to get treatment, or die, Osama must visit a hospital. Given that his choice of hospitals in the region are limited, especially for ones with dialysis machines, it wouldn't take a whole lot of operatives stationed at area hospitals waiting for him to check in to catch him. And since he needs the treatments every three months (I believe) or so, in five years, he certainly could have been caught by now, unless, being a CIA asset has afforded him a "hands-off" treatment. Or else he's dead. Which is probably why he has been silent since a French newspaper reported his death this past summer.
One place I'm sure he never was-Iraq.


sumo said... know he is having the time of his life on some beach somewhere...a place that there is no need for time.

Betty Cracker said...

He's just pining for the fjords.

pissed off patricia said...

If they caught him and told us so, it would be damned difficult for them to continue to use him as a boogy man in their war on terror and boogy men.

They need him dead (and not talked about) or alive and all frightening.

Snave said...

Good article, I had not heard or read much re. speculation that the guy might actually be dead. If so, I guess that is why we never "got him" after "9-11". I always thought it would be the neocon's master snowjob coup de grace surprise, to pull Osama out of their hat right before an election. When they didn't ever do that, I started to wonder about Bin Laden really being alive... Thanks for the link, it is the kind of stuff that makes a person wonder!

GraemeAnfinson said...

He is dead and everytime we bomb a village and kill 20 civilians with an unmanned drone or something, 100 more OBLs are born

Anonymous said...

He is living the high life in Arizona, courtesy of the United States of Amnesia, and will be ressurected soon to take everybodies minds off Bush's never-ending follies.
Jeez, I thought that EVERYBODY knew that.