Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome to the Idiocracy

Over the weekend, I rented a movie called Idiocracy, written and directed by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Office Space). While I didn't think it was a great movie, I did like the premise, that because people of lower intelligence breed faster than those of higher intelligence, in five hundred years the world will be populated by morons.
But I don't think it will take five hundred years, I believe we are on the fast track to an idiocracy right now. Just examine this evidence:
Sixty dollar logo t-shirts-Some people will actually fork out good money for the privilege of being walking human billboards. That's smart.
Liz Cheney-Just another member of the corpocracy who thinks we can win a war by sending more cannon fodder. Someone else's children, of course.
FOX News-A news network with an obvious bias calling itself "fair and balanced". And yet, people actually believe it.
Urban Hummers-People paying large amounts of cash for an off-road vehicle that loses it's value once you actually take it off the road. How intelligent!
NASCAR-There's something you don't see every day-cars driving. Considered to be a sport by the same people who consider getting off the couch to grab the remote control exercise.
Religious whackos who pray to ice-There's an oil stain imy parking lot that looks like St. Barnabus, better expect crowds gathering there, too.
Hillary For President-First she votes for the war. Then she says she didn't know Bush was lying (yeah sure). The she claims all America stands behind Israel as it dropped cluster bombs all over Lebanon last summer. Now she won't take a military option against Iran off the table, in part because she accepts donations from a foreign power. It's not her position that is stupid (well, it is, as Iran has not been found in violation of the NPT, so attacking them for complying with the law is stupid)but the fact that despite her position, she is still the front runner for the Democratic party, which made recent gains in congress by the anti-war people who put them there. I guess Democrats can be hoodwinked by a cult of personality as much as Republicans who voted for Bush were, all this really means is that in 2008, we'll be looking t President McCain.


Anonymous said...

Always an optimist, I believe we are just at the bottom of the trough. I hope.

Mark said...

"Things can only get better", thats what I used to tell my troops when survival was not certain. Most of them lived. I suspect most of us will too. Hillary, McCain,whoever, won't matter, just faces. Our next president will be rich beyond, well beyond 99% of the voters. They will have interests that normal folks could only imagine.
" Things can only get better".

pissed off patricia said...

I have so many examples of stupid in my own neighborhood that you wouldn't believe it. So mulitply that by all the neighborhoods in our country and I think you could rest your case.

We are getting dumber and lazier. People pay someone to mow their lawn while they pay to go to the gym to exercise. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

nice thoughts and one thing floats to the top of my mind...

that all these idiots that are breeding mroe idiots -- creating a world of idiots

who won't be able to remember where they hide the guns...

sumo said...

Oh...cheer up...the rapture will come and we'll all be saved. Nothing bad is going to happen to us...just don't let those people who wave the snakes around get too close...or the rapture will turn into the rattler for ya!

Anonymous said...

What is it about Hillary Clinton that scares these people? Ask any Hillary-hating Republicunt why they hate Hillary. What you'll get is the same, warmed over talking points that they heard from Lush Bimbo or Faux Spews. They cannot point to one single valid issue for their hatred of her.
She is nothing even resembling liberal, and I consider her a kind of Reagan conservative with ties to the big money that runs this country.