Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bush Digs A New Surge

The US Army sent out 5100 letters to officers who had recently left the service, urging them to return to active duty. No problem, right? Well, there was one small problem. 75 of them were killed and 200 were wounded in action. The problem is Bush is pushing for 20,000 more troops for his surge, and there are only only 9000 troops available (Advocates for a surge state that 30,000 troops are needed to bring security to Baghdad). While the Army has apologized to the families of the deceased, the Shithead-in-chief never apologizes.
Sen. Joe Biden has said privately, officials in the Bush administration have conceded the war unwinnable, but want to extend it so the fall of the Green Zone falls on another president's watch. Then, one can imagine, Bush, looking smug and licking his lips saying how he could have won the war of he had the support of the Democrats in Congress, the liberal media, and if every American had bought more of those yellow ribbon magnets for their vehicles. That is where the blame for the failure will fall, on the Democrats in Congress, not on the people who invaded without a strategy, and who were unable to acheive a modicum of success in three years of blundering. The Democrats, perhaps sensing they are being set-up as the fall guys, oppose sending any more troops to Iraq. Meanwhile, in his weakly radio address, Bush failed to mention Iraq, or his "new" plan for "victory" at all, instead focusing on his "No Child Left Behind" program.


romunov said...

That's why I was against Dems winning anything. Let Reps fix it. The same goes for the next president. Just like they blamed 9/11 on Clinton, they're gonna blame Iran/Iraq on whichever unlucky bastard comes next in line.

Peacechick Mary said...

No dead soldier left behind. I don't care if Dems get blamed for pulling out of Iraq - just get the fu$k out! It's a lie, it's wrong and you know it people. This is too serious to be playing partisan games.

sumo said...

That Military...gotta love em'!

Tina said...

I dunno.... maybe it is just me, but The Big Dick Cheney does seem like the type to dabble in Necromancy. THAT would fix the low recruitment number lickety split, eh?

Anonymous said...

No Child Left Behind paves the way for military recruiters to post vigils on high school campuses.

Brings a whole new meaning to the name of the program.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

The trouble is if Bush brings the troops home and the situation stabilizes then he is proved wrong, so he will never agree to that. The whole neo-con agenda was based on perpetual war, so he wants more and more chaos. He will frame it so that any senator or congressperson of any party that votes against it is unpatriotic and criminal. He will come up with a "plan" that is framed as the road to success and I have a eerie feeling he will get the votes he needs. Heny Stoyer is already drumbeating for war in Iran. Heny and Pelosi will support Israel at all costs and if supporting Israel includes a troop surge it will be done in the name of eliminating the non-existent nuclear powers of Iran to stabilize the region and protect Isreal.

Just like another blogger said, "It's up to us, Bubba." We, the people will have to watch this new congress and senate every step of the way, every vote, every comment, every letter. We need to keep our eyes on them because we know where their bread is buttered.

I think the citizens of the country will have to over ride this surge and make our representatives vote for our wishes.

Anonymous said...

According to Lindsey Graham on Meet the Press this morning, it's the fault of our military generals on the ground. He said: "Well, I hope we will hold the generals accountable for their work product. I respect General Casey and Abizaid, but the strategy they’ve come up with for the last two years has not worked. Iraq is not more stable than it was when they took over two years ago. Sectarian violence in Baghdad has gotten worse. I’ve been there five times. The first time I went there we went rug shopping. The last time I went we were in a tank. It is clear to me, I think Joe Biden and every other American including the president, now is a time for change. If we don’t change now, we’re going to lose Iraq. And if you come up with a new policy, do you let the same people who implemented the old policy come up with a new idea? I don’t think so. Petraeus, to me, I hope is Bush’s Grant. It is now time for a change."

Those damn Generals! How dare they screw up Uncle George's war!

pissed off patricia said...

When you read "Fiasco" you'll see that this freakin' thing was a failure from the beginning. You don't make friends with people by cutting their electric, cutting their water, putting them out of work and busting their doors down in the middle of the night. Doing all these things pissed off the Iraqis big time. The ones who could afford to leave did. Now the poor people for the most part are left there in the hell hole and they hate the people who did this to them. Who the hell wouldn't?

Now the chimp in chief wants to send more targets over there for the pissed off people to aim at. How the hell is that a solution? It's the same pig with a new shade of lipstick. Basically we're invading Iraq again but with the same plans and different chiefs. AEI's plan which is mostly the one he's using calls for the troops to stay over there longer and to be sent more frequently. McCain says he would rather see the troops over used than to lose the war. McCain has lost his freakin' mind.

Sorry to go on and on, but I'm boiling mad inside.

Oh yeah, please read "Fiasco"

Anonymous said...

I love the graphics you've been using lately. Did you get Photoshop in your stocking this year? ;-)

One comment about those letters the Army sent out. The number - 5100 - is not a huge amount, so why did they make so many errors? It's just one more example of government incompetence. Is there anything our country can do right anymore?

Anonymous said...

he is one sick puppy!!

great pic!

Anonymous said...

The Democrats, perhaps sensing they are being set-up as the fall guys, oppose sending any more troops to Iraq.

I hate it when 'thuglicans do that, but alas I can find no flaw in your logic sir!