Friday, January 26, 2007

When Is A Lie Merely An Untruth?

Thank God for the corporate apologist media. Without them, we wouldn't know the diference between a lie and an untruth.
You see, a lie is when someone says something like "I did not have sex with that woman!". And for that, a man deserves to be impeached, not because of a partisan vendetta by an overzealous investigator who spent %50 million and had to show something for it.
No, according to the Albany (OR) Democrat Herald, when another man, under oath, Lewis Libby told a grand jury that he had heard Valerie Plame's name from a reporter, that wasn't a lie, merely an untruth, and he shouldn't even have to stand trial for it. Apparently, perjury isn't as big a crime when a member of the Bush administration commits it.
That’s the extent of the alleged crime — not remembering correctly and therefore not telling the grand jury correctly who told him about Plame.

That reminds me of the old routine by Steve martin, if you get arrested for something, merely tell the police you forgot is was a crime to drink and drive. I'm sure they'll let you go. Or the Albany Herald-Democrat will defend you.


John Good said...

You MAY be onto something bigger here, Lew! What if Dumbya is using ALL of Steve Martin's routines, thinking them to be sacred writings?


"Okay, Merica. . here's my three demands. .he ..he

First - We nuke Iran into dust
Second - We shred the constitution
Third - I want immunity for war crimes acts

he he he . . ya see, we hafta throw in a "crazy" demand so's we can plead insanity if we get caught.

Immunity!? hahahahahaha

GraemeAnfinson said...

they are all so full of shit, it is depressing to follow the news

Kathy said...

Apparently, perjury isn't as big a crime when a member of the Bush administration commits it.

There's a good reason for that: All members of the Republican Party are God-fearing, morally upright citizens. Lying just isn't in their nature.

pissed off patricia said...

Well, since they have lied about everything else, I would guess anything they say now is also a lie. Who the hell knows what happens next? Again, because nothing good has happened since geo bush was given the oval office, I don't expect goodness to begin anytime soon.