Sunday, January 14, 2007


There seems to be six degrees of separation between war pimps like Donald Trump and those who oppose any escalation or continuation of the war in the Middle East. Donald Trump has a show, The Apprentice, which is aired by NBC, which is owned by General Electric, which is a major defense contractor. It's a fun game you can play, just look at who's advocating an attack on Iran and follow the path back to Halliburton, defense contractors, big oil, or AIPAC.
It's the same with those who oppose expanding the war in the Gulf. Many of us have family members, or just a belief in the American system of democracy, with an expansion overseas, so we feel even more so righteous because we are losing something more valuable than money.
Dick Cheney says it's okay for the government to violate people's rights by examining their banking and credit records (very hypocritical from the administration that has kept White House secret service visitor logs away from the public), but how about opening up the banking accounts of all those now pushing for a US attack on Iran?
Today on Meet The Press, Cheney actually said "They're convinced that the United States will, in fact, pack it in and go home if they just kill enough of us." "They can't beat us in a standup fight, but they think they can break our will." The man who oversaw the illegal invasion of Iraq now expects the occupation resistance to fight fairly. Obviously, they can't kill enough of us because Bush and Cheney really don't give a fuck how many soldiers die, as long as we can give Iraq's oil to US comapnies for the next thirty years.
And now their eyes are on Iran. They got lots of oil, unfortunately, all earmarked for the Chinese energy needs, but with an invasion and a stroke of the pen all that can change too. All they need is an excuse to invade, which is why they've been doing all they can to provoke a reaction out of Teheran. But to suggest that Iranian Shi'as are aiding the Sunni insurgency is playing on the ignorance of your average television watcher who doesn't realize they're as opposed as the Irish Catholics and Protestants. So, instead of taking in the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, as Bush claimed in his speech last week, and trying to engage Iran and Syria in talks to help bring peace to Iraq (which the Bush administration doesn't really want), Bush and Co. are instead trying to escalate the war in the Middle east to involve Iran.
There's only one way to stop them. And if the Democrats in Congress refuse to take action, there is another way.


Peacechick Mary said...

I hope New Mexico succeeds with this and maybe a few other states can pile on as well. Then, if we are very lucky, George and Dick will cut and run by resigning in disgrace. I'm looking for ways we can force them to resign. Must be something.

Lizzy said...

That is very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

thanks - nice news about new mexico -- people running that state just rock!!

Kvatch said...

They can't beat us in a standup fight, but they think they can break our will.

Isn't it ironic that the man who really 'broke our will' was Cheney's boss?