Thursday, July 22, 2010

The New Slavery? Fuck You!

I don't watch sports. I don't care too much for it and can find better things to do with my time than spend it spread out in front of a television set, junk food and beer within reach getting myself worked up over something that has no impact or bearing on my life. Not that I have anything against sports, mind you, and if an opportunity to engage in any physical activity should arise, I would do it as I could really use the exercise.
I really don't care much about college sports, mainly because the art school I attended didn't have a sports team of any sorts, so I don't see how people can get bent out of shape about a college football team from a school they never had any intention of attending.
So I was very dismayed to find out that The NCAA is slavery! The poor put upon college athlete, who is offered a free ride at some of the finest school to get a higher education most people only dream of getting are no better than a slave. After all, they're only there to pass the time until they become eligible for professional sports anyway, why shouldn't they be able to accept gifts from generous donors?
The writer of the piece seems to think it's unfair that Reggie Bush (who, as I found out, is not a member of the Bush family) should have to forfeit his Heisman just because he broke the rules. As everybody knows by now, rules aren't for our professional athletes, especially if they're really good. He also feels that it's not fair that deans, athletic directors and coaches can make big salaries while the poor student has to wait a couple years to make the annual salary of the three aforementioned college professionals combined. He also feels it's not right that the money that colleges make should go to subsidize other "welfare sports", you know, everything that isn't college football or basketball, at the expense of the star player who is only receiving a free education, room and board, books, etc. And heaven for fend that some of that money be put towards academic scholarships for students who have the intellect but not the means nor athletic ability to go on to higher learning with out some help.
Now in Jason Whitlock's defense, I'm sure Reggie Bush wasn't doing anything that any other star athlete does, the problem is, that Bush got caught. But his idea that Bush isn't being compensated because he's too fucking stupid to appreciate a full college ride, well, that's a problem of Bush's lack of a value system, not the NCAA.
Our society puts too much emphasis on sports, winning and money. Sports dominate the world of the television watcher like no other single entity. Winning has become the most important thing, taking a back seat to decency, honesty, and integrity. And money has become everything for so many people in this country that it won't be long before we're all tearing each other apart so we can sell our rendered remains for a fistful of scratch.So I won't weep for the college athlete who should have to follow rules, at least while he's attending college, because he's living a dream. He's just too fucking stupid t5o realize it.


Tom Harper said...

I also have zero interest in watching or following sports. I've never understood how people can get so worked up over the wins and losses of an athletic team.

One irony that's always grated on me: the people who think affirmative action is un-American and will be the death of this great nation, are the same people who think legacies and athletic scholarships are the greatest thing ever. Somebody who's dumber than a post can get into an exclusive college because his father/uncle/grandfather went there. Somebody who can't add 2 and 2 can get a scholarship because his neck is thicker than a tree trunk and he'll the baddest linebacker in the history of ____________ University.

< / rant >

Lew Scannon said...

Bush certainly got into college as a legacy, and now his legacy is a nation in pieces. Although he wasn't an athlete, he was involved inn sports somehow. Oh yeah, he was a cheerleader

Dave Dubya said...

While Marx was onto something when he said religion is the opiate of the masses, add FUX Snews, sports and TV and you have Zombie World USA.

Lew Scannon said...

all the aforementioned are used as a distraction so that you don't notice that the corporate idiocracy is ripping you off.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your post when I was googling slavery b/c I want to find a way to help out blacks b/c they deserve our help for all the slavery and torture we are inflicting on them today (yes slavery still exists, ever been on welfare? I've met so many blacks who are poor) but I have to say you are the most unpatriotic person I have ever read. Do you care at all about this country that MY ANCESTORS fought and died to give you? You sit there and disrespect sports like that. Let me tell you that sports provide an outlet for patriotic Americans to enjoy themselves and socialize and give them something to talk about and have in common. It's what keeps our country alive and strong. If I knew where you lived I would come kick your ass and rape you. You fuccking traitor. I HATE YOU! I hope fccking die, you traitor! If you don't like sports why don't you go cuddle next to Adolph Hitler in a bunker somewhere, you fccking NAZI bitch!! I'll kick your ass if I ever see you.