Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Monkey God's Middle Finger

Every country has it's own sacred ground. In Jerusalem, for instance, is the Dome of the Rock, a piece of dirt sacred to both the Jewish people and the Muslims. England has the Cavern Club, a sacred place for rock fans world wide, and Australia has the Outback, where Crocodile Dundee once killed a crocodile with an oversized knife.
Here in America, we have Ground Zero, a place hallowed by right wingers and neocons as a place where over 3000 Americans of all walks of life, and all religions, died so that the Cheney/Bush Axis of Evil would have carte blanche to start wars anywhere there was an Arab bowing towards Mecca. So naturally when plans for a mosque three blocks away from this consecrated ground were announced, the constitution quoters and theocracy seekers had a fit. It's almost as if Hezbollah, the Lebanese political party was planning on building a 'terrorist' theme park there. And almost on cue, professional Islamophobe Sarah Palin, who refudiated charges the Tea Party is racist, joined forces with Tea Party racist Mark Williams to fight the Monkey God's Middle Finger to Manhattan.
It's the Right Wing Fear Factory in full effect. This being an election year, they need something, anything to scare the good little Christ-Stains into suporting their party (the whole abortion thing, being played out, as it wouldn't take very long for someone on the left to point out that with a Republican Congress and administration they did nothing to stop that wedge issue)by stoking up the fears that yes indeedy-those Mooslems, they taking over, and soon will be forcing us to bow to Allah and Mecca everyday.


S.W. Anderson said...

I think you're right about what Palin, Republicans and simple minded reactionaries are doing on this. It appeals to half-baked patriotism, paranoia and the bedrock fallacy of bigots that they -- the bogeymen du jour -- are all alike.

Tom Harper said...

And when the Mooselems take over, they'll force all decent Christ-Stains (love that word) to have abortions and take part in homosexual orgies every Sunday.

Lew Scannon said...

It's just another cynical ploy by the right to use 9/11 (again!) as a way to win elections.
I doubt any of that, as the Muslims are a tad bit stricter than the Christ-Stains (started out as a typo). The only problem is that like the Muslims themselves, their prophet is dark skinned, which doesn't play well with the racist undercurrent going on here.