Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lieberweasel Strikes Again!

Growing up, there was always that one kid, whose sense of entitlement made them feel they were entitled to the same things as every body else was, whether deserved it or not, or whether or not it was a good idea.
Ladies, and gentlemen, that whiny weaselly kid all grown up is ......Joe Lieberman!
China has the power to shut down its Internet, so why can't we?
Well, for starters, China is a communist country, while the US poses as some sort of a democracy. In the US, the open and free exchange of ideas is one of the many freedoms we have that make us better than say, China, where people have the freedom to work ten hour days seven days a week or be crushed by tanks!
Of course, Sen. Lieberman defends this act as a matter of national security, just like he defended the murder of an unarmed American citizen by the IDF as a security issue. So are we trust him on this? Remember what Ben Franklin said about liberty and security.
In the days before 9/11, the FBI shut down many Arab and Muslim websites. Some up to five days prior to that event. So the government already has shown it can shut down websites, even with out a just cause.
The internet is a dangerous place to those in charge these days. Just as quick as they can put out their disinformation someone else can discredit it as the fake it is. And with the US in preparation for yet another war by sending 11 ships to off the coast of Iran, they need to keep a lid on what's really going on before this administration's lies, much like the lies of the previous administration, are exposed for the falsehoods they really are.


JesusFetusFajitaFishsticks said...

I fucking hate Lieberman... although... any episode of "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart mocking him is instantly hilarious!

S.W. Anderson said...

The U.S. is dangerously vulnerable to cyber mischief, crime and warfare. Something must be done about it, and maybe the president does need to be able to slam the wide open conduits shut.

My problem here is that I neither like nor trust Lieberman, and I have a strong suspicion the shutting off would only occur after a lot of serious damage had already been done.

More things to worry about, in a time when we're all on overload already. The world is getting to be too much with us.

Tom Harper said...

An Internet Kill Switch could conceivably be necessary in certain unforeseen cases, but I'm still leery of the idea.

For decades we've seen politicians yell "national security!" as an excuse for covering up their own crimes, or just saving themselves from embarrassment.

Lew Scannon said...

While hate is a strong word, I care less and less for LIEberman with each passing day.
All this cyber paranoia comes at a suspicious time to me, what with the US having 11 warships with armored vehicles as part of their cargo just off the coast of Iran
I am leery of the idea as well. And when one of LIEberman's selling point is "China has one", well, since when do look to China for democratic ideals?