Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Torture By Any Other Name......Would Still Be As Painful

That darn crazy librul media. You know, the one that bends over backwards not to offend the easily offended by not being too controversial?
Well, it seems for years, it called waterboarding torture. Well, it still considers waterboarding torture, just not when the US does it.
Sure, it's a double standard, but in order to placate those who maybe torturing, or have family members in the torture business, they can't infer that there's anything wrong with it. It's like, for fear of offending drug dealers, they started calling them entrepreneurs.
It's obvious by now that criminals are in charge, enabled by the corporate media, embedded in the social political elite, afraid to offend the leadership, because somewhere down the road, there may be a cushy government position for them.
Our corporate media has long abandoned the responsibilities of a free press. Maybe that's why newspaper circulation declines, and maybe why the country has devolved into a corporate idiocracy.


libhom said...

That's why Pacifica,, and other independent media are so important.

Lew Scannon said...

You're exactly right. If i was left to getting my news from the corporate media, I suppose I'd be just as ignorant as the majority.

Tom Harper said...

I think waterboarding was one of the Khmer Rouge's favorite tortures. The article I read didn't call it waterboarding, but the description was the same.

So waterboarding is torture if it's carried out by some slant-eyed commie, but just a harmless fraternity prank if it's done by Americans.