Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hopefully, The UN Has A Short Attention Span

A gaggle of television watching diplomats? That's what the US is hoping for as it pushes back it's sanctions against Iran due to the fallout from the flotilla massacre. You know, the recent murder of activists bringing aid to the suffering Palestinians of Gaza by the Israeli Navy. Meanwhile, the US is quick to claim that blame Israel for the crimes it has committed when in fact, it's the activists fault for getting in the way of the bullets the Israelis fired. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked asked world leaders to dial down their criticism of Israel.
In fact, some US congresspersons defended the excessive use of force by the Israelis, but then why shouldn't they since they all receive contributions from Pro-Israel PACs.
So remember, the Israelis can murder civilians with impunity, because they have bought our politicians. But Iran, which is living up to it's obligations under the NPT must suffer sanctions, because it's what Israel wants. So now they have to wait until the international outrage has died down before they can ask the UN to punish Iran, while hoping that no sanctions are levied against them.


Tom Harper said...

Rightwing talking heads are blaming this massacre on Obama. John McCain said Obama instigated the whole incident by complaining about new Israeli settlements displacing more Palestinians. WTF???

Rightwing "logic" gets more twisted all the time.

Lew Scannon said...

McCain is confused. He called Jerusalem Israel's capitol when in fact it's Tel Aviv. And the GOP wanted to elect this doddering dunderhead president?
The fault with this lies solely with Israel. That any US politician is afraid to admit that shows how fucked up our government has become.

S.W. Anderson said...

Somewhere along the line, during the 1980's, I think, AIPAC became the real third rail of American politics. It seemed to coincide with many American jews and conservative Republicans locking in mutual embrace. This has not been a healthy development for the U.S., Israel, the Palestinians or Middle East peace prospects. But it is the reality.

So, Israel's escapades such as expanding settlements and blockading Gaza come as no surprise. Any U.S. administration that crosses the powers that be in Israel, especially Likud powers that be, is likely to suffer a political setback when trying to raise money and win the next election.

Not that Palestinians are blameless, certainly. But the Israelis' actions in the flotilla incident were excessive and deserve the avalanche of negative feedback they've drawn.

Lew Scannon said...

The truth, plain and simple, is that our government should put it's citizens first, and not be beholden to any foreign power friendly or unfriendly.