Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did Christian Talibanist Rex Duncan Shoot Their Ambitions In The Foot?

The limits of right-wing Christianazi paranoia is unbound, because most of them television-watchers just know those evil Mooslems are poised by their leader Barack Hussein Obama to swoop down, take over America and impose Sharia law on us all.
Not Rex Duncan. Rex Duncan is smarter than your average Islamofascist. He knows that Islam and liberals are conspiring together to erase all traces of our Judeo-Christian values from the country. So Rex Duncan, state senator from Oklahoma (naturally), has decided to introduce legislation that makes it illegal for liberal judges to impose sharia law in Oklahoma. Sen. Duncan would require using only state and federal law when ruling on a decision.
Because, as this Biblically deranged person has just done is to prevent any law being passed on anything based on the bible as well. You see, the US Constitution specifically prevents wingnuts like Duncan from establishing the Christian Theocracy their Taliban is intent on turning the US into. Although he doesn't state it, I'm sure this legislation would require that conservative judges be banned from imposing Christian law as well, lest this bill be challenged and ruled as unconstitutional by the....wait, I forgot that the Supreme Court is insane as well.
Somewhere someone put the fear of Islam into Sen.Duncan, and in another time or place, it may have been replaced with a fear of Judaism, Buddhism, or any other group that doesn't fit in with their agenda. These types need an evil enemy to rise up so they can protect their constituents from them in order to gain their votes. And, if one is not readily available, they'll find one and make up stuff about them. Sort of like how the our politicians are making up all kinds of crazy things up about Iran right now. But in his impetus to limit something that no one was intending on doing anytime in the foreseeable future, he has impeded the plans of tjhose in the US who were planning on using their superstitions to impose thier belief system on everybody else. Good work, Sen. Duncan. You may not realize it now, but you done good.


S.W. Anderson said...

Note that the story says his bill would cover sharia or international law. Duncan's concern about sharia is laughable. But I've noticed some paranoid rumblings from the right over the past year or so about the supposed menace of U.S. judges studying foreign court decisions, comparing notes with foreign judges or, horror of horrors, ever citing foreign precedents in deciding cases. It came up as a pointed question from one of the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee not long ago, during a hearing on a judge appointment.

Right wingers are casting about for new "you better be scared" and "they're out to destroy America" issues. They had high hopes for whipping up war sentiment against Iran, but that didn't go anywhere. They thought they might be able to privatize Social Security and got nowhere.

They were hoping like hell Obama would propose some heavy-handed law to persecute law-abiding gun worshipers, but they're reduced to mumbling things like: "Well he hasn't said anything yet, but he's got that look in his eye. He's just biding his time, is all."

So, this international law thing is probably being auditioned, to see if they can somehow squeeze political juice out of it. They probably figure if it won't sell in Oklahoma, it won't sell anywhere.

Tom Harper said...

Damn that Rex Duncan! We were so close to getting a foot in the door in Oklahoma, the first step in our Master Plan to establish a Communist Muslim Theocracy Nanny State in America.

But that sly Rex Duncan had our number and he thwarted us, nipped us in the bud.

But we'll try again. Allah Akbar!

Lew Scannon said...

The more frightened people are, the less clear their thinking. The less clear their thinking, the more likely they'll vote for the GOP.
Rex Duncan: He real smart now, isn't he?

Dr. Kiss Injure said...

This is a highly complex matter and I will certainly not do it justice in a quick blog comment. I somewhat agree w/Rex Duncan, though the elements within the US who are targeting Judeo-Christian values are not "Islamic" per say, but rather many influential New Age cultists-media icons like Oprah (who has links to Scientology) and Madonna. Just as a small example, these two women are serious left-hand path kabbalists ala Aleister Crowley. Now, to the uninitiated secularist who does not understand how the "occult" component in fascism works all this may all sound absurd. Regardless, it does indeed exists and is a serious force to be reckoned with.

Dr. Kiss Injure said...


Now, to the uninitiated secularist who does not understand how the "occult" component in fascism works all this may sound absurd. Regardless, it does indeed exist and is a serious force to be reckoned with.

Pardon the eye strain, did not have my glasses on.

Get thy behind me Satan!

libhom said...

Dr. Kiss Injure: Thanks for a good laugh.

General Comment: It's obvious that the cracker legislature is too ignorant to know that the same Establishment Clause of the First Amendment that prohibits coerced prayer in schools also prohibits Sharia law. His legislation is completely redundant.

Lew Scannon said...

Dr. Injure,
Judeo-Christian values? Like shooting a boat load of unarmed Samaritans bringing relief to a group of people suffering under the collective punishment of Talmudic/Biblical law, then blaming the victims? Once you attach any value system to any belief system, you'll find that those values are only extended to those who share the belief system.
Yes, Dr. Injure's paranoia can be a hoot sometimes. His know-too-much paranoia is the perfect antidote to Rex Duncan's know-not-enough paranoia.

Dr. Kiss Injure said...

Ms. Winfrey's production company, Harpo, is named after the Greek/Egyptian god Harpocrates, which in occult literature arguably indicates identification with Baphomet or The Sabbatic Goat, also known as the Goat of Mendes.

Lew Scannon said...

Dr. Injure,
Harpo Productions takes it's name from Oprah spelled backwards, which, if taken the right way, is just more Satanic backward masking.....

Dr. Kiss Injure said...

Especially in Kenneth Grant's Typhonian manifestation (or current) of the OTO Ordo Templi Orientis), Harpocrates (the god of silence) is associated with the child god Horus, whose feminine aspect is Set/Typhon. The Egyptian god Set, according to US Army psychological warfare expert (see his From Psyop to Mind War: the Psychology of Victory paper available online), former Church of Satan member and Temple of Set founder Lt. Col Michael Aquino, is the closest correspondence to the Hebrew Satan.