Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's clear The Adults Have Abandoned The Republicans

It's official. In the nearly four hundred years that this country has been settled by Puritans, nothing has really changed at all. back then, they saw witches everywhere, now, the poor put upon and persecuted Christians see Muslims everywhere.
Now we have these paranoiacs, who obviously only remember the part of the Bill of Rights that allows them to keep weapons to shoot each other with, have forgotten that whole freedom of religion thing. I don't give a fuck if President Obama is a Muslim (which, he's not)because our country is not based on any theological practice (although there are those who would like to see it that way). like the Nazis who saw signs of Judaism everywhere, the conservatives of the US are seeing signs of Islam, or wanting to see it, everywhere.
I swear, sometimes our whole political process has been taken over by a bunch of third graders. Republicans criticize Democrats, liberals hate conservatives and nobody notices that for the better part of the last century into this one, both parties have been running things. And with the exception of a few Jewish candidates here and there, for the most part, they have all been Christian. And what or where has that got us? Mired down in two never ending wars, rampant unemployment hidden by government figures, on the brink of a global depression, global warming, etc. All this polarized petty partisan bickering isn't solving anything. There's nothing civil about any of it. It's just name calling and blame throwing.
And I'm just sick of it all.


Tom Harper said...

In some ways nothing has changed. The Puritans are still running the show, and they're still obsessed with the bogey man of the week.

But at least the bogeyman keeps changing: Witches, communists, homosexuals, Muslims...

Lew Scannon said...

I think the boogeyman can be narrowed down to everyone who isn't white and Christian.

Distributorcap said...

yep white christian and rich --- tom left out the poor -=-- you know since they just want to take everything from the rich and drive around in cadillacs..