Sunday, April 04, 2010

It Would Be Better If We Paid You No Mind At All

One of the greatest problems facing our country is the fact that our foreign policy is decided on not what's best for America, but instead, on what's not best for America.
Take stark raving neocon Billy Kristol. He claims it would be better for the US to attack Iran than Israel. Better for Israel, that is. Ultimately, it would be better for no one to attack Iran, since they actually haven't been found to be doing thing which violates any law, but reasoning with a neocon is impossible, because they make their own reality, and insane people are impossible to rationalize with in any debate.
Kristol, it should be noted, was one the loudest voices calling for an attack against Iraq, but there's no use beating that dead horse. He is probably the last person anyone should listen to regard US foreign policy in the Middle East, but it doesn't stop the corporate media from putting him on anyway.
But there is a whole list of things that it would be better for America to do first.
As an example, it would be better if the US government would stop breaking it's own laws, and obey the Symington Amendment. The fact that both major parties seem to disregard this law is an apt illustration of why we need to dump them both in favor of a party that actually obeys laws instead of bowing to powerful lobbies.
It would be better if politicians ran as a friend of all Americans instead of as a friend of another country. The US should not be playing favorites with any country in the Middle east, especially one with so many UN violations against it.
It would be better for the US, already mired down in two wars-without-end, to not start a third one that will endanger more of our troops and cause the loss of more American lives. It would be better for the US not to be seen as an agressor in a region where many people already have developed a negative opinion of us. It would be better if we didn't needlessly harm more civilians tha the over one million Iraqis we have already killed in a genocide designed to calm Billy Kristol's paranoia.
The cost of the Iraq War is already three trillion dollars, another war in the region isn't going to be any cheaper. It would be better for the US if that money, on top of the $1.6 trillion in aid were reinvested in this country to rebuild our economy.
And in the end, it would be better for Mr. Kristol, wealthy publisher of The Weakly Standard and paid Fox News commentator, to buy his own fighter jet and fly it over to Iran himself. But unfortunately, Mr. Kristol hasn't met a war somebody else's kids lives couldn't be spent fighting so Mr. Kristol continue to be a drain on society by advocating US involvement in wars it would be better off not fighting.


Tom Harper said...

I just posted on Bill Kristol's retarded spewings too. I can't believe anyone still listens to that F%^&!#!$. Well, yes I can. There are enough stupid people out there who will believe anything.

Lew Scannon said...

Well he is on Fox News, and we all know how to difficult it is for those who create their own reality to venture outside their comfort zone where they might get hit with the truth.

Dr. Kiss Injure said...

Hope it is understood that the elites running this planet are literal fascists and Nazis. What is "best" for America according to "them" (you will know "them" when you see "them") is too exterminate as many little brown and black people as possible.

Jewish anti-semitic racism by ethnically non-semitic "Jews" like Mr. Kristol runs deep. As you may know, not all "Jews" are semites.