Saturday, April 10, 2010

Banned by The Thought Police Nazis At Cracked.Com

I don't know how or when I discovered the craptions contest at Cracked.Com, but one thing I noticed when I did was the lack of funny material being offered up by the readers therein. Most of the jokes were of the FAIL/Lady Gaga/Gay variety, and few, if any, were anywhere near being humorous. Now, I consider myself to be a funny guy, so this seemed right up my alley.
The premise is this: the editors/administrators offer a picture and encourage readers to come up with a funny caption for it. The kind of stuff you may have done in high school, which is reflected in the mentality of many posts. Some people will use a catch phrase from a movie or Monty Python routine, whether or not it actually is funny in this situation. Then, once the phrase is offered, all registered users get to vote on it as being funny, and the one that garners the most votes over a twenty-four hour period is the winner.
The image below is one from last week, along with my submitted craption. Please note that the earlier you get your craption in, the more likely it will win, as the chance for others to see it is directly in conjunction with the number of votes it receives, because the ones with the higher votes are displayed at the top, along with the current vote leader. This particular submission by me was very popular, and didn't take long to rise to the top, where it was receiving the largest number of votes.

When I first viewed the picture, it reminded me of photos I had seen of the showers in Nazi Concentration Camps, where, once the gas was released, the victims would climb over each other to reach the fresh air at the top. Kind of like in this sculpture. So, connecting the two, I made my submission. By early evening, it was rapidly on it's way to becoming one of the highest vote-getters ever recorded. By nine o'clock, however, it was gone, deleted, deemed too offensive to readers who regularly use racist, homophobic and other disgusting words in an attempt to be funny.
What it meant was that the number two vote getter vaulted to the top, and while I voted for that one as well (Rapture gridlock), it didn't ease the sting of my loss. So, the very next day, regardless of the picture, I submitted the following craption
"Yeah, I was going to post some thing funny here, but the Thought Police Nazis at Cracked.Com would just delete it". Once again, it rose quickly to the number two position. And, once again, by nine o'clock, it was gone. But, even more disappointing, so was my profile at Cracked.Com. I had been banned from ever writing craptions, or voting on others craptions as well. I really think that a humor magazine web site would have a sense of humor, but I guess I was wrong. FAIL!


mandt said...

Try posting at Shakesville! :)

Lew Scannon said...

Sounds like a challenge to me....

mandt said...

Indeed! They love to kick Politically incorrect ass there! On a dreary day when ya feel a troll moment coming on---try it out. lol

Tom Harper said...

Well that sucks. I never heard of that site (I assume they're related to the magazine of the same name), but now that I have, I'll remember not to darken their doorway.

JesusFetusFajitaFishsticks said...

Wow... that is very disappointing.
I would have voted for both of your craptions.

Lew Scannon said...

requires registration, and it really seems too easy. but if a dreary day comes along......
yes, they are related to the magazine of the same name. Only not as cracked as that Mad knock-off claimed to be
Why thank you, but the Rapture Gridlock was not mine (although I did vote for it)

Ricardo said...

fuck nazi !